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Amadeus Labs Interview Experience

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So recently Amadeus Labs visited my college for Campus Placements and finally picked 10 students. It also offered us 6 month training before the job.

The procedure for selection was as follows:
1) Online Test- Verbal and Numerical Reasoning.
2) Interviews(Technical and HR).

ONLINE TEST: The online test was conducted by SHL and was really tough. you are allowed calculators for numerical reasoning questions(YOU WILL REALLY NEED IT). The questions in maths were pretty long and therefore required quick reading and analysis skills.I would recommend reading the full question first before you proceed. It will surely save your time. Dont crosscheck your answers. You will not get enough time. You need to be really fast. Keep a good track of the time otherwise you will fail to complete the test. The verbal part was comparatively easy and would be easy to crack. Always remember to stick to the paragraph and do not deduce answers from your own. To practice for the test i would recommend you to go to SHL website and try out practice papers only for NUMERICAL AND VERBAL. It will really help you a lot!!!!

15 students out of 200 got shortlisted for the interviews. Thankfully I made it through.

INTERVIEWS: First of all there was a technical interview.I went in and shook hands with the interviewer. I believe its always a good idea to shake hands even if he hasn’t offered first. I don’t think there is any harm in offering a hand. He asked me about myself and I tried to drive the interview according to my strengths. He was very thorough with my CV and questioned me about my projects. I made a Ticket booking system which clicked with him as Amadeus does the backend for travel industry. He asked me the drawbacks in my system and ways to improve it.He was really pleasant and patient with me. I would really recommend you guys to be very thorough with your projects and know every bit of it. He then asked me how i would make an unmanned Parking lot management system. He gave me various obstacles in that but I turned out just fine. He then asked me about ROWID(sql). Then he asked me about normalization. He asked me how i would delete duplicate entries from a table. I just explained him the logic and the SQL query i wrote down was garbage. He crosschecked it n questioned me if it will work. I honestly told him that it wont but I tried to explain him the logic. He was not at all disappointed by that.He asked me where do i see myself after 5 years. Then he asked me what is multiprogramming, multiprocessing, multithreading (It was purely because my CV said i scored ‘A’ grade in OS). His aim was to test my knowledge and confidence.If u can justify your answers and make him realize that you are great with ideas he will definitely select you.

Then i was called for the second round of interview(HR). The guy looked kinda unconcerned(I believe he was testing my comfort level). If the interviewer tries to look disinterested don’t be bothered at all. Just stay polite and confident. Its their tactics to test u. He asked me about myself then about my projects. He then gave me 3 puzzles to solve-
1) A father and a son are in a car. car crashes. father dies. son taken to hospital. doctor refuses to operate saying “That’s my son!”. How?
2) 6 eggs 1 basket. 6 people. each pick one egg. still the basket contains 1 egg. how?
3) one mother has 2 sons born at the same hour, same day, same year but they r not twins. how?
I could easily solve all three problems and was then asked to wait outside.

Finally i was called for the final HR round which i believe was more of a formality. He asked me normal questions about myself and what would I do once i m in Amadeus etc etc.

Finally I got thru all the rounds and got selected in Amadeus Labs Bangalore!!!!
All the best guys! If its your day… You will make it Large!

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Last Updated : 13 Sep, 2014
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