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Amadeus Labs Interview Experience | Set 2 (On Campus)

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Job Location: Bangalore
Company Presence: Global
Domain: Travel Industry

Hello all,
Hope this interview experience will help you..

73 candidates opted for the company..

First round:
Online exam (on Campus)

Part 1 — 19 mins
It was a Verbal Skills tester! You will be given 30 questions to be solved in 19 mins. Get some hands-on experience with SHL platform. That will definitely help. Improve your reading skills, as there are lengthy paragraphs to be scanned in less than a min. Faster you can read and analyze, more questions you will be able to answer.

Part 2 — 25 mins
It was aimed at testing candidates analytical skills. 18 questions to be solved in 25 mins. All of these questions were of DI type. Get familiar with Bar graph, Pie charts, and all sorts of tables.

After this round 7 were shortlisted..

Second Round:
F2F interview. ~1 hour 30 mins
All kind of technical questions will be asked in this round (Based on info in your resume!).

They wan’t to check your approach to given problem.
Tip: “Make the best out of this round, as this owns much weightage on your evaluation!” (My observation!)

After this round, 4 of us were left.

Third Round:
As it was mentioned in the previous experience, The person on the other side of table will look most disinterested.
Try and stay as enthusiastic as you can, don’t get distracted with his/her expressions. Interviewer is just trying to build some pressure.
So maintain your calm and be yourself! You can expect questions on your projects, scenarios that reflect your abilities, etc.

Fourth Round:
It was HR round. Questions like “What keeps you going?” “What value will you add to our company?” etc can be asked.
Be confident in what you say and rest will be taken care of. (Confidence is different from Arrogance! Make sure you sound like former :P)

I got the offer within 15 mins after lasat candidate was interviewed. That is the best part, they don’t keep you hanging! So that’s all..
All the best geeks.. May the force be with you!
P.S. : Company is great to work for.. Just look at Glassdoor reviews, you hardly get a company with so many +ve reviews!
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Last Updated : 28 Jun, 2021
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