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Amadeus Labs Interview Experience | Set 4 (On Campus) | Full Time + Internship

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  • Difficulty Level : Medium
  • Last Updated : 09 Sep, 2018

Round 1: Amadeus Labs India, Bangalore recently visited Thapar Institute of Engineering and Technology to recruit for two different profiles, Software Developer and Quality Assurance. The first round was an online test that was conducted by SHL. The test was really very tough. It contained 2 sections РNumerical Reasoning and Verbal Reasoning. You are allowed to use calculators for the Numerical Reasoning part. It mainly aimed at testing analytical skills of candidate. The numerical reasoning contained 18 questions to be solved in 25 minutes. Speed is the king here, you need to be really fast. The verbal reasoning part had 30 questions to be solved in 19 minutes. Get some experience on SHL platform before you go for the test, that will really help. Improve your reading skills, because that will surely help you to do questions quicker. 219 students took this test and 38 were shortlisted for further rounds. Thankfully I made it through.

Round 2: It was a technical F2F interview round that went for around 45 minutes. As I was from Electronics branch, I was not expected to have much knowledge of computer science subjects. Instead he judged me on my approach to the given problem. He asked me whether I know about smart cities or not? What technology is basically used? For which, my answer was IOT(Internet of Things). Then he went deep in Internet of Things. I was asked the machine design of traffic system and what are the modifications we can make using IOT and Machine Learning. Thankfully, I explained him the answer well and he looked satisfied. Next he asked me about the machine design of a fully automatic washing machine and the possible improvisations that can be made using IOT and Machine Learning (Basically he was judging my analytical and problem solving skills). Then the interviewer started reading my resume and asked me about my projects. I was working on “Optical Tracking 3D Scanner”, so he asked me about the technology we’re using and the logic behind its working. Then he asked me, If I have to make an application that uses GPS Navigation Technology, what all features will I include and how it will be different from already existing Google Maps?

Further, he asked me about which programming language do I work in? I replied with C++ which made him ask me about the basic OOP Concepts. He further asked me about the basic data structures and the real life examples of them. His aim was to test my knowledge and confidence. If you can justify your answers well, he will definitely select you.

The recruitment process had 2 technical interviews and then one HR interview. My first technical interview went so well that I was directly called for HR.

Round 3: The 3rd and the final round was a HR round. Confidence is the key here. As soon as I entered, she asked me about the meaning of my name (Even if you don’t know, try to answer it with confidence). Then she asked me about the profile I want to work in and why? They offered two profiles, Development and Quality Assurance(QA). I replied with Quality Assurance and the reason being I had some experience in Analytics which could help me QA. Then she went through my resume and asked me about my extra curricular works. This was the best part, I had so much on my resume which helped me drive my interview.

Then the most common question, Why Amadeus? I replied that traveling has always been my passion and Amadeus is somehow related to traveling. And if I can connect my passion to the technology, that place is the best place for me to work in. She looked satisfied. Then I was asked if I have any question? It’s always good to ask something as it shows your interest towards the company.

Finally I got through all the rounds and got selected as a Quality Assurance Engineer at Amadeus Labs, Bangalore.

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