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Amadeus Labs Interview Experience (On Campus)

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  • Last Updated : 11 Sep, 2018

Amadeus visited our campus in September, 2018. They came for 2 profiles: 1) Software Developer 2) Quality Assessment. We had basically four rounds which I will describe later below. Just make sure you remain attentive during their presentation and gather knowledge about the company and what they basically do. You can use the facts described in ppt and use them in interviews to show the panel that you are really interested to work for their company. Following is the description of 4 rounds:

Round 1: 

This was an online round which took place on SHL platform. I would suggest you to take part in sample tests on SHL platform at least once to get acquainted with the interface and the type of questions.  Once you choose an answer and move to the next question, you cannot go back to the previous one. It comprises of two sections:

1) Numerical ability(18 questions, 25 minutes):

This section contained questions majorly based on data Interpretation(DI) which basically consists of a bar graph, tables or maybe pie charts. You are supposed to answer questions based on the data. Calculations wasn’t the tough part as Calculators were allowed. Make sure to read Questions properly and you interpret them correctly. Time management plays a major role. Each graph had 3 questions dedicated to it.

2) Verbal reasoning(19 minutes, 30 questions):

This section contains question based on a small paragraph. Make sure you read it properly as 3 questions based on the paragraph will follow. And each question has 3 options: 1) True 2) False 3) Cannot Say. Understand the questions properly and do a little bit of research on how to tackle such questions before appearing for the test.

Tips :- Solve the questions with calm mind. Don’t stress yourself during the test. Time management will be the key factor and you won’t get time to recheck your answer. There are no negative markings. Make sure you do well in both the sections as both the sections have individual cut-off. Don’t spend too much time on any question if you are not able to do it in the first attempt.

Around 60-70 students appeared for the test. Out of them, 10 were shortlisted for personal interviews.

Round 2 : (Technical round)

After getting shortlisted, the first round was technical round. The interviewer asked me to tell me about myself and my hobbies. We had a formal introduction and he told me to tell him 5 adjectives that would describe me the best. He went thoroughly through my resume. Then he started by asking me to explain my favorite projects among all the projects that I had mentioned. Be sure about the project you decide and explain that in which you have a very sound understanding. After that he gave me about 15 seconds of time and told me to explain him about Object-Oriented Programming in the next two minutes. Make sure you explain major concepts briefly and in fluent English. Then we had a discussion on some concepts of DBMS. Then he asked me a puzzle. The question was: Given a bag consisting of 15 white marbles and 13 black marbles and a heap of infinite black and white marbles outside. Every time you need to pick 2 marbles. If both marbles are of same color, then put back a white marble and if the marbles are of different colors then put back a black marble in the bag. Then he asked 2 questions based on it:

  1. How many marble/s will be left in the bag when you cannot further continue this process?
  2. What will the color of only marble left in the bag when the process cannot be continued further?

He asked me to explain the answer and how I arrived to the answer. He seemed quite happy with the answer.

Round 3 : (Technical Round)

This round was also a technical round. The interviewer started off by asking me about my previous experiences of interviews. This round was more of a rapid fire type of round. Like he will ask as many questions as possible. Starting off with What is computer? What is CPU? What are processes? How processes communicate? What are semaphores? What is critical section?What is a file system? What are different type of File Systems? Difference between mobile OS and Computer OS? Difference between UNIX and WINDOWS OS? This round well decent enough but not as quite well as expected. Make sure you can at least say something about the question. This round was mainly to check your brief knowledge and confidence to answer the questions.

Then he asked me what was my favorite CS subject. I replied with Data Structures and Algorithms(P.S. I had gone through geeksforgeeks for 2 months before the placement drive). He started with asking different types of data structures. Then he asked favorite data structure and why? How maps are implemented? Given a doubly linked list and a stack how will you use them in order to create an application that maybe of use to Amadeus(travel app). Difference between Linked list, doubly linked list and array. When to use what? Name different Alogrithms. Explain Kadane’s algorithm. Explain Dijkstra’s Algorithm. Explain KMP search algorithm.

Then he asked a question basically to check my approach. He told me that suppose he wanted to paint the placement block blue. Tell me time and money that I will need. I gave him an answer. He asked reasons as how I arrived at the answer. I gave him an approach with which he seemed pleased. Then he asked few questions on probability and gave me 3 options. I replied with an answer and he asked me 4 times whether I was sure about the answer just to check my confidence.

Round 4 (HR Round):

This round was an HR Round. The interviewer went through my hobbies and saw football. He asked me about my favorite football club. I replied with FC Barcelona. Then he asked me to explain him the strategy of Barcelona. Basically he wanted to check how I can explain a problem. He asked me to also explain the strategy of Real Madrid and asked various questions as who should be the play maker and which team is better? Why? Then he asked me about my failures in life. What I did to overcome them? Why Amadeus? Any Relocation Constraints? How would I differentiate from others? And other similar questions. Make sure you better introspect yourself before the interviews. Be calm and answer politely.

Finally they selected 6 out of 10 shortlisted candidates. I was lucky enough to make through :P. Best of Luck!

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