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Amadeus Labs Bangalore Interview experience

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I received a call from recruiting consultancy regarding a vacancy for C++ profile in Amadeus. The profile was quite interesting. After a week I received a call from Amadeus regarding schedule of the interview. 1st and 2nd rounds were scheduled on a Saturday at 12 PM. As I reached the reception area at Etamin B block of Prestige Tech Park 2 Marathhalli, Bangalore, they asked me to wait for the interview and it started after a while.

Round 1:
This was a technical round. The interviewer was testing the Current project, Current domain, basic C++ and logical reasoning skills. This took about 40 minutes.

1. What is your day to day routine work ?
2. C++ inheritance. How it works ? What is Vtable and Vptr ?

If there is a class hierarchy as below, when are the vtable and vptr created ?
Class A

Class B Public A

Class C Public B

3. There are 3 wending machines, coffee, Tea, Random. The attender has mistakenly misplaced the labels of the machines.
How do you correct the labels with least attempts ? Where do you start ?

4. I have a ball and a bat. The total cost of both is Rs 110. The difference amount is Rs 100. What is the cost of individual items ?

5. What are the design patterns used in your current project ? Why ? Examples ? And some related questions.

Round 2:
This was another technical round. The interviewer was testing the core C++ skills and practical knowledge. This took about 40 minutes.

1. Draw a diagram and explain me an architecture. Explain its components and how it works. You can take any examples from your current project.
2. C++ 11 knowledge. What is a Smart pointer ? Why is it used ?
3. Design patterns. Similar to round 1. Give examples of multiple design patterns and its usage.
4. Singleton design pattern. How can you control someone mistakenly instantiating the class ? What is the difference between global and singleton ?
5. Virtual Destructors. Why are they used ? Can you have Virtual constructors ?
6.If you have a function as below, will it work ? Some questions related to reference objects.
int &multiply(int n)
int x=2;
x = n * x;
return x;
7. Some questions about current project.

After a week, I got a call saying I have cleared the first 2 rounds and selected for Director round.

Round 3:
This was the director round interview. I reached a bit late due to heavy traffic that day. But the director was very patient and spoke nicely.
The questions were mainly related to current project and expectations(theirs + ours). It took about 30 minutes.

1. Introduce yourself.
2. Since how long you are working in current project ? why ?
3. Can you tell me your goals ?
4. What are the roles of an architect ? Can you explain in detail.
5. Can you explain the module you worked and any challenges you faced.
6. Did you interact with remote teams ? like core team being abroad and working with them ?
7. What is your salary expectation?
8. What is the reason for changing the job ?
9. Current domain related. How multiple components interact. Draw sample diagram and explain.

After 3rd round I was asked to wait for their communication. I waited for around 3 days and received a call saying I have cleared all the 3 rounds and next will be the HR round.

Round 4

This was the HR round and had typical HR questions + some attitude related questions. It was a telephonic interview scheduled on an afternoon. The HR interviewer was typing my answers during the interview and hence it took around 1 hour.

1. Introduction
2. Resume related. Why I changed from my first company to my current company ? etc.
3. Academic scores.
4. Challenges faced during current project.
5. Roles handled in current project.
6. Salary expectations.
7. Future aspirations.
8. Personal information like DOB, etc.

Completed the interview and waited for about 1 week to hear from them. Later I inquired with the hiring team in charge. They informed me that its in process. I waited for another 1 week. Still did not hear from them and I was bit suspicious. Another week gone. After about 20 days of HR interview I was happy to receive the offer letter.

Overall interview experience was good.

All the best.

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Last Updated : 09 Sep, 2018
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