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Amadeus Labs Bangalore Interview Experience (On Campus – 2020)

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Amadeus Labs visited the Vellore Institute of Technology (VIT) on 9th August 2020.  The hiring process took place virtually considering the COVID-19 pandemic.  The recruitment was for two specific roles- 

  1. Software Developer  
  2. QA Engineer  

ROUND 1 (Technical Test): For the first round around 550 students were shortlisted. The test took place on the hackearth platform. The test was proctored. The test consisted of 21 MCQ’s which were related to core CS subjects and had two programming questions. The MCQ’s were quite straight forward and could be answered if you have good knowledge of subjects like Database Management, Operating Systems, and Computer Networks. The programming section aimed to test the problem-solving ability of the candidates. These were the questions which I faced:

  • Maximum Mismatch problem: You are given a string S of length N. You can select and reverse any substring of S of any length. You are allowed to perform this operation many numbers of times. Determine the maximum number of mismatches by performing the operation.

    Mismatch(S) is defined as the number of corresponding positions where characters are different in S and reverse(S). For example : S = abab, reverse(S) = baba. A number of mismatches = 4. S= abca. A number of mismatches = 2.

  • The Longest Prime Sub-array: Given an array arr[] of N integers, the task is to find the longest sub-array where all numbers in that sub-array are prime.

    In order to pass all the test cases, you should have the knowledge of the sieve of Eratosthenes.

Around 220 people were shortlisted for the next round.

ROUND 2 (Aptitude Test): This round was an aptitude test conducted on SHL Platform, and we were instructed to spend some time understanding the way SHL platform works. It had 2 sections: 

  • Numerical Ability(18 questions in 25 minutes): Mostly questions that required use of calculators. The topics which were covered are profit/loss, percentages, and data interpretation. They were medium level questions but can be cracked if you have been practicing numerical aptitude. The key is to solve more questions correctly in a shorter time span. 

  • Verbal Reasoning (19 questions in 30 minutes): In this section, small paragraphs were provided for each question. The candidates need to interpret the context of the paragraph and provide a suitable answer to the question. I felt this section was a bit tricky. I would suggest not to assume anything and strictly answer based on the content of the paragraph. I realized this after two practice tests.

Tips: Read the paragraphs and questions clearly.

Around 45 candidates were shortlisted for the next round.

ROUND 3 (Technical Interview + HR): The interview began with discussion on projects. The questions were related to tech stacks and challenges. Then I was asked about hashing, indexing, and normalization from databases. And from the operating system, I was asked about deadlocks and scheduling algorithms. They were pretty straightforward questions. They wanted to test whether I have a good understanding of the concepts. 

Coming to the questions on programming, I was asked about synchronized block/function, wrapper classes, iterator, enumerations, method overloading, overriding, and OOPS.  And finally, I was asked to write programs to reverse a linked list and get the middle of the linked list.  (Make sure you keep talking to the interviewer while writing the code. )

It was followed by an HR interview. Usual questions such as what are your strength/weaknesses and then situational questions. I was asked a puzzle too and a few resumes based questions. 

Finally, the result was announced after two days. I was selected as a Full-Time Employee for a software development role. In total 28 candidates were hired.

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Last Updated : 25 Aug, 2020
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