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Altimetrik India Interview Experience | On-Campus

  • Last Updated : 08 Jun, 2020

Round 1:It consists of a Hackerrank powered test on their internal assessment platform called playground.

It had 30-40 Question

The questions consisted of tricky OOPs MCQ questions, Java Api (mostly collections).

It had 2 coding questions.

Both the coding questions were based on string manipulation.

The selection rate was low as only 20/380 was able to clear the test.

Round 2:(Techincal Interview 1)

After the basic introduction, I was asked to dry run my code from round 1. I was asked to write the same code in a more optimized way. Questions on College project were asked. Mysql joins and subqueries questions were as must to do before going for the interview.

Round 3:(Technical Interview 2)

The interviewer looked at my explanations from the last round and decided not to ask any further technical questions rather he checked my problem-solving skills by giving me a puzzle. As I came up with a solution he seemed disappointed and asked me to come up with a different solution. This happened 2-3 times. Finally, he asked me to leave. I thought I would never make it to the next round but to my surprise that was also a test of patience. I was called up for the next round.

Round 4:(HR Round)

This round was really nice as it was to know what were my aspirations and future goals and if I have that vision to grow.


The overall experience was a positive one, It took 5-6 hours to complete so I would suggest you to say hydrated during that time because you will be asked a lot of things.

So stay hydrated and be Prepared!!!!


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