AlphaGrep Securities Interview Experience

Round 1: Online test – Technical (60 min test, 2 questions)

The test was conducted on HackerRank.

  • There are N palaces and M tunnels connecting different palaces. M tunnels are input as a tuple of three integers (Ai, Bi, Ri) for i from 1 to M which means there is a tunnel of distance Ri connecting palaces Ai and Bi. Determine whether all N palaces can be connected by some set of tunnels such that total distance covered is minimum. The question asked to print “YES” if such minimum path exists, “NO” otherwise. Solution was just to check if all palaces (nodes) are connected starting from any node using DFS.
  • There are N palaces and M tunnels connecting different palaces. Determine if there exists a sub-graph of size at least K such that all nodes in that sub-graph are connected. Question asked to print the size of maximum such sub-graph, else 0 if it doesn’t exists. I couldn’t solve it completely, but the solution was probably Union-find algorithm to find all connected components. I tried to solve it using DFS, but some test cases were failing and then the time ran out.

Round 2: Codepair round

  • Got a call on telephone.
  • Questions about projects I have worked on.
  • Gave a question to read data via sockets and manage writing data 50 bytes at a time – involved buffer management.

I asked the recruiter after few days about the status. He told me I was not shortlisted for further rounds.

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