AllState Interview Questions

Below are few questions asked in AllState technical round for a JAVA developer:

1. How hash set works?
2. What happens happens when we iterate over concurrent hashmap and hashmap?
3. Difference between concurrent hashmap and hashmap?
4. Why to use concurrent hashmap?
5. Write a program to find the index of “3” in a rotated array [6, 5, 4, 1, 2, 3] with a best algorithm?
6. What is wsdl file in SOAP?
7. Write a service for REST?
8. How REST url finds that which method is to be called from the service class?
9. What is fail-safe and fail-fast?
10. What is shallow and deep copy?
11. What is difference between wait and sleep?
12. In how many ways an object can be instantiated?
13. What is the use of Maven and Jenkins?
14. What is ws-import?
15. How to consume a service at client end in SOAP?
16. What is an endpoint in SOAP?
17. What is the first step to follow when we want to consume a SOAP web service at client end?
18. Features of JAVA 7?
19. What is a pivot in a rotated array and how to find it?

Hope this helps in the preparation for AllState.

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