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AllGo Embedded Systems Interview Experience
  • Last Updated : 31 Oct, 2019

AllGo Embedded Systems is a software company, they visited our campus in the month of January. Only ECE and CSE students were allowed. nearly 70 peoples were eligible (including ECE and CSE), cut-off was 8.0 or above.

Round 1: It was written test, consisting of 30 MCQ’s and two programming questions. In MCQ they asked from C, DS, OS, and CO, questions were easy and no aptitude was asked. In programming, we need to write only functions for the problem statement. time allotted for this round was 50mins.

coding questions were

  1. Sort the array in decreasing order
  2. given a linked list, delete alternate nodes of a linked list

10 students shortlisted for the next round (~ 6 CSE + 4 ECE I dont remember)

Round 2: second round was technical, where they checked in-depth knowledge computer science fundamentals, for most students they asked standard questions on linked list and on C language (i.e output prediction and writing the snippets). following are some of the questions they asked me,

  1. Write a program : Given a set print superset of that set.
  2. Memory layout of C-program
  3. phases of compiler
  4. some output predictions on pointers, fork()

they did not ask much of data structure concepts, because I had answered both coding questions properly. Anyone who was able to solve only 1 question (problem 1)  for them they asked to write code involving DS concepts. They even ask puzzles, at the end they asked one.  This round was of 1.5 hrs, interviewers were friendly. before leaving they asked me, on which domain you want to work in the future.

Round 3: They took one more technical round for me, for all students they had only one technical round. So the number of technical rounds may vary from 1 to 2. In this round, they asked about the project, and detailed discussion on the same. the questions asked were

  1. on project
  2. write a program on merge sort and analyze the same
  3. asked some basic questions on C.
  4. asked questions based on OOPs concept

along with this, they also asked questions on topic which you mentioned it in CV. Overall this round was good, they asked quality questions. This round lasted for about an hour.

Round 4: This round was HR round, where they tested the person’s behavior. interviewer had all the sheets of mine (written test paper + round 1 and 2 rough papers) with him. He read my CV and asking some questions from the same, some of the questions which he asked me are,

  1. Who all are there in your family and what each does
  2. asked to write brief code for one of mine project
  3. Some of the questions from CV (Hobbies and achievement)

and some general questions along with the above. the interviewer wasn’t friendly, he was talking rude. This is it. overall the experience was good, the quality of questions were nice. they selected only two people for 5.3lpa.


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