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Algorithms | Greedy Algorithms | Question 4
  • Last Updated : 06 Mar, 2013
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In question #2, which of the following represents the word “dead”?
(A) 1011111100101
(B) 0100000011010
(C) Both A and B
(D) None of these

Answer: (C)

Explanation: The Huffman Tree generated is:
Huffman Tree

character   code-word
    f          0
    c          100
    d          101
    a          1100
    b          1101
    e          111

The word dead can be represented as:
101 111 1100 101
However, the alternative codeword can also be found by assigning 1 to the left edge and 0 to the right edge of the tree, i.e. dead can also be represented as:
010 000 0011 010
See here for more details of the algorithm.

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