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Algorithms | Greedy Algorithms | Question 3

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  • Last Updated : 28 Jun, 2021
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A networking company uses a compression technique to encode the message before transmitting over the network. Suppose the message contains the following characters with their frequency:

character   Frequency
    a            5
    b           9
    c           12
    d           13
    e           16
    f           45

Note : Each character in input message takes 1 byte.

If the compression technique used is Huffman Coding, how many bits will be saved in the message?
(A) 224
(B) 800
(C) 576
(D) 324

Answer: (C)


Total number of characters in the message = 100. 
Each character takes 1 byte. So total number of bits needed = 800.

After Huffman Coding, the characters can be represented with:
f: 0
c: 100
d: 101
a: 1100
b: 1101
e: 111
Total number of bits needed = 224
Hence, number of bits saved = 800 - 224 = 576
See here for complete explanation and algorithm.

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