Algorithms | Graph Shortest Paths | Question 13

Match the following

Group A                                                Group B
a) Dijkstra's single shortest path algo p) Dynamic Programming
b) Bellmen Ford's single shortest path algo q) Backtracking
c) Floyd Warshell's all pair shortest path algo. r) Greedy Algorithm
(A) a-r, b-q, c-p
(B) a-p, b-p, c-p
(C) a-r, b-p, c-p
(D) a-p, b-r, c-q

Answer: (C)

Explanation: Dijkstra is a greedy algorithm where we pick the minimum distant vertex from not yet finalized vertices.

Bellman Ford and Floyd Warshell both are Dynamic Programming algorithms where we build the shortest paths in bottom up manner.

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