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Alef Mobitech (On Campus) 2019 Interview Experience

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  • Last Updated : 22 Apr, 2021
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Alef Mobitech visited our campus for the role of Software Engineer. Learn more about the company here

Round 1:Online Test 

The company conducted Pre-Placement talk prior to test in which they explained what is Alef into. The online test consisted of 29 MCQs and 1 programming question to be done in 1 hour. MCQs were of moderate level from DBMS(MySQL query), Data Structures, Operating Systems, Quantitative Aptitude, Logical Reasoning, Verbal Reasoning. Programming question was easy where you need to find Nth pure number based on given conditions. The conditions were: 

  • The number should consist of only 4 and 5.
  • The number should be an integer.
  • The number should have even no. of digits.
  • The number should be a palindrome.

The pure numbers are: 44, 55, 4444, 4554, 5445, 5555, …etc. 

If N=2, Output: 55 (2nd pure number) 

If N=5, Output:5445 (5th pure number) and so on. 

You need to attempt MCQs as well as programming question in order to clear the test. If your basics (both technical and coding) are clear, you will be able to clear the test easily. 

Tips: Try to manage your time wisely. See to it that you complete MCQs in 25 to 30 minutes and have 30 to 35 minutes  for coding. 

Round 2: Technical Interview 1 

40-41 students applied for online test, out of them only one was shortlisted i.e. me.(I don’t know on what basis they selected only one!) The interviews were to be attended at their office in Pune at S.B road. In first technical round, I was questioned on EVERYTHING! It went for about one and a half hour. The questions were: 

  • Introduce yourself. He asked me to rate myself for OS, C++, Networking on a scale of 5. Be very honest here, this will decide your entire pattern of interview.
  • OOPS concepts, classes, objects
  • Virtual function, pure virtual functions
  • Output of two code snippets based on constructors, pointers.
  • Find error in code snippets of pure virtual function, abstract class.
  • Given an IP address, write a code to get this IP address from user as a string, then store it in integer form. When demanded by user, again display it as a string. Need to use built-in functions like strtok() to get tokens and then solve further.
  • Basics of OS, Networking.
  • He asked me to write a program using concept of inheritance, constructors and polymorphism.

Round 3: Technical interview 2 

This round also went on for one and a half hour. Now I was questioned entirely related to coding. I was asked about: 

  • Since I had mentioned about a project in android where we developed 2 games, he asked me about the algorithm. Then he gave me a variation(related to 2D matrix) and asked me to optimize the code.
  • Given a sorted array, find the first pair of numbers who addition is ‘N’. For ex: If array is [1, 2, 4, 5, 7, 9, 13] and N=14, here there are 2 pairs whose sum is 14 L (1, 13) and (5, 9). You need to print the first pair only. Need to use binary search approach along with pivot concept of Quick sort in order to change low, high, middle for every iteration.
  • Write a program to reverse a linked list.
  • OOPS concepts.
  • Puzzle: You have 4 cakes and 12 rats. Out of 12 rats, 11 rats eat at same speed and one rat is faster. You need to find the fastest rat. You can group the rats the way you want, you can stop them from eating cake and resume them whenever you want. But the condition is, you cannot measure the anything quantitatively. The cake will be either finished or unfinished, you cannot weigh the cakes. You cannot measure time as well. Solution: Divide 12 rats into 4 groups of 3 each; one group for each cake. Make them start eating cake at once. The group with faster cat will finish their cake first. At this point stop the rest 3 groups, where all 3 cakes will be finished equally since the rats are of same speed. Divide the 3 rats (who finished cake early) into these 3 unfinished cakes. The rat which finishes the cake first is the fastest rat.

Round 4: HR Round 

Basic HR question were asked. 

  • Introduce yourself
  • Family background
  • Hobbies
  • Why did you choose Computer Engineering?
  • If not engineer, you would be_______?
  • Any questions – Do ask a lot of questions about the company.

Round 5: Managerial Round 

This round was conducted by the Director of Alef Mobitech. He didn’t ask anything technical, rather he wanted to know what kind person I was. He too asked basic HR questions and when could I join the company? 

Be prepared for everything. They test your basics skills. Be confident, keep yourself calm. If you don’t know any answer, tell them politely, do not bluff. Follow GeeksForGeeks regularly for technical prep. For aptitude, practice from indiabix. Thank you GeeksForGeeks for your wonderful content! It helped me alot! : )

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