Akamai Interview Experience | Set 2

Written Round:

The written round consisted of three sections:

  1. First section consisted of 25 general aptitude questions to be attempted in 30 min.
  2. Second section consisted of 25 technical questions(MCQ’s) to be attempted in 30 min. The question wise division was:
  • Around 7-8 questions from networking
  • Around 7-8 questions from operating systems.
  • Around 4-5 questions from software engineering.
  • Other questions on different genres of Computer Science.
  1. This section consisted of 2 programming questions to be solved in 1 hour.
    1. Given a number N. our task is to find the closest Palindrome number whose absolute difference with given number is minimum and absolute difference must be greater than 0.
    2. Given an unsorted array, find the minimum   difference between any pair in given array and print all the pairs as a String.





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