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Ajio Interview Experience | SDE-1
  • Last Updated : 08 Apr, 2020

Round 1: Hackerrank Test-

1. Xor all the elements of the given array, say x, find the number which gives max xor with x, print the num. Now remove the max element from the array, and do the same till array size is 0.

2. Implement your own hashmap using LinkedList.

Round 2: 

  1. Level Order traversal of Binary tree.
  2.  Max level sum of a Binary tree.
  3. Time complexity of searching in BST – why?
  4.  Time complexity of Binary search – why?
  5.  Internal working of HashMap and HashSet.
  6.  Find if LinkedList has a loop, with no redundant iterations(single pass).
  7.  Sort binary array, in 1 pass.
  8.  Two sum problem, most efficient solution and also, if we have huge amount of  data in a practical scenario.

9. What is synchronization and how it is implemented in java?
10. What is serialization in Java
11. What is a double lock, and why it is used?
12. What is a concurrent hashmap, with internal working?

Round 3:

  1. Explain the flow of a spring boot application.
  2. How to do unit testing in spring boot
  3. Design a two-factor authentication system.
  4. Different annotations in spring boot.
  5. What are spring actuators?
  6. How do cron jobs work?
  7. How do we scale a spring boot application?8. Explain your strengths and weakness.
    9. Why should we hire you?
    10. Are you a team player, explain why?

    The interview process was very fast, rapid rounds were done, mostly they checked the thinking ability of the candidate. Till the second round, I was able to answer all the questions and satisfied the interviewer. In the third round, I was not able to answer 2-3 questions properly, the interviewer helped me to understand them properly, and guided a little bit.

    Overall positive experience, I received the offer from the Ajio team a few weeks later.


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