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Airtel Interview Experience | On-Campus

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Airtel visited our campus for full-time recruitment of final year students as profile of Software Engineer. Around 130 Students applied for it. The recruitment process is as follows:-

Online Round: The online round occurred two days before the interview process. The round was conducted on AMCAT. It consists of 3 sections. Section 1 has 14 logical reasoning questions which were very easy. There is no need for too much practice to solve these questions. There is a timer for each section. This section has 15 minutes. Section 2 has 16 Quantitative questions which were not too hard, to be solved in 20 minutes. Section 3 was of programming. Everyone has different sets. There were two programming questions that needed to be solved in 1 hour.

  1. Question 1: Sort elements by frequency  
  2. Question 2: The second question was an extension of island problem where we need to consider those islands which are surrounded by water. I was not able to solve this problem.

After the Online round, about 20 people were selected for interviews.

Round 1: This was pure Technical round. First He asked to introduce myself. He then quickly jumped to my projects and problems I faced during my projects. He then gave me a problem and asked me to come up with a solution using data structures and algorithms. I solved it then he asked me to optimize it more. I suggest some methods and he seems satisfied with it. Then he jumped to OS and asked some questions regarding memory management. He then throws some basic C questions like difference between CALLOC/MALLOC, Structures, and Unions, Pointers, etc.. Finally he asks to describe communication within processes. Lastly, he asks if I had any questions for him or not? I asked him what are his expectations from us as a fresher. He strongly recommends that your DS/Algo knowledge is fine enough, that’s what we need from you guys.

After this round around 10 students remained.

Round 2: He first asks me how was the first round. I said it was good. Then he asks me to describe Dynamic Programming with example. I tell him everything like What is DP? When to use it? I took the problem to check if it is possible to partition the set int two subsets with equal sum. I first gave him a recursive approach then how to optimize it using DP. He asks to write code for both methods. He then gives a problem of N-ary Tree where nodes at each level are connected by linked lists. He wants a proper way to store, traverse and manipulate the tree. I gave him a map-based solution and explains its working. The discussion went for about 15 minutes. He seems finally satisfied. He then jumps to OS and asks me my favorite topic of OS. I said Process Synchronisation. He throws questions related to conditions of Deadlock, Criteria for Mutual Exclusion, Deadlock Prevention and Deadlock Detection methods. Lastly, he asks if I had any questions for him or not? I asked him to tell me about the current technologies on which Airtel is working. He describes for about 10 minutes.

Round 3: This was HR round. Honestly, I never thought I will reach this round as the interviewer from my previous round had rejected everyone except me. She introduced herself first and asks about me. She then asks me what is your dream company? and don’t answer Airtel. I freaked out first, But then decides to be honest and told her XYZ. She then told me about the working culture of Airtel and what kind of work we will be assigned. Then she goes on with the annual compensation. She asked if I had any particular location in mind or I am comfortable with any location. Finally, she asked if I had any questions and I said None.

I was the last person who had given the interview. The movement I left the room, another lady came to me and said you are selected. For a few minutes, I was not able to believe it. 5 more students are hired other than me.

At last, I want to say that I always try to be confident in front of the interviewer. Whenever he/she asks a question discuss the problem first before jumping to solutions. Don’t be in a hurry, think properly before telling it to the interviewer. Even if your interview didn’t go well, don’t get disheartened. I have seen cases when people tell everything right and get rejected and those who made mistakes are selected. The fact is you don’t know what interviewer really wants? Still, try to give your best. Have faith in your preparation and try to practice as many questions from GeeksforGeeks and one more thing I want to say, Luck does matters. Forget what people say. I had experienced myself.

Best Of Luck.

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Last Updated : 01 Nov, 2019
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