Airtel Interview Experience | Business Analyst On-Campus

Round 1: Written Round 

This round was conducted on the amcat website. It consisted of around 15 questions related to analysis (including reading bar charts, drawing conclusions based on data, mathematical reasoning questions) and 10 questions related to logical reasoning. Around 15 people were shortlisted based on the test. I had GRE prep under my belt so I cruised through this round, but this may not be the case for all. There was a catch though – you could not shuffle between the questions.

Round 2: Technical Round 

This round started with a puzzle/coding question, though they didn’t ask me to code anything. It was a variant of this question. I hadn’t prepared a lot, so I stumbled for a while but eventually solved it completely. Then, I had a technical design question to start from the most basic assumptions and to draw up mathematical equations to model profitability in the “30 minutes or less” rule that Pizza Delivery companies generally implement.

After that, I was asked a basic puzzle where I had to tell the minimum number of races it would take to determine the fastest, the second fastest and third fastest horse among 25 horses, given 5 horses could race at once. Then, I was asked to estimate the total number of domestic flights in India, again starting from the most basic assumptions. Later, I was asked about some python basics. Finally, I was asked about my projects.

Round 3: Technical/HR Round 

This round was with the Lead of Technology at Airtel X Labs. I was first asked implementation-level details of Google Maps (multiple questions over how to design such a system, etc). I gave as many details as possible, but the interviewer seemed unconvinced until the very end. Then, another question based on estimating the cost of vaccinating all the cows for a hypothetical disease outbreak was asked. Further, I was again asked for implementation-level details of my projects.

All those shortlisted went through the last two rounds. Finally, 3 people were selected, including myself.

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