Airbus On-line Interview Experience

Airbus India came to recruit for an internship at our college in November end. This was the first time when Airbus was coming to our college. 

It was hiring for multiple roles related to ML/DL fields. There were around 20 job description. Most of them demanded knowledge of Machine Learning/Deep Learning and advance Python Knowledge. 

Some of the Job descriptions were: 

1.Computer Vision Internship 

2.SAR time series anomaly detection 

3.Development of AI-NLP based voice assistant models 

4.Auto-generation of source code from formal specification. 

5.Clustering flight crew operating instruction using data mining. 

The entire hiring process was online on Skype. 

Round 1: 


Tip-Modify CV according to the job profile. 

I had much backend developer experience but no Machine Learning experience at that point in time. So I tried to include as many projects as possible. 

Your project will give the recruiter an idea of your experience. Also having a research paper in your name can do miracles. 

Try to explain your project in a very crisp format. Don’t hesitate to attach any relevant courses or certifications. 

Also try to include your originals projects because for sure you will get caught in the interview. 

Round 2: 

F2F Skype Interview  

After greetings, straightaway the interviewer asks you to explain your project. 

Mine was an NLP project. The question started with how was the dataset acquired. 

They asked why I used a certain way of processing data and why I designed the model in that particular way. 

What difficulties I faced during implementation and how I dealt with them. What were the results of the other models? 

Basically they wanted to check if I have implemented the project on my own or merely copy/pasted from some other sources. 

Apart from project-related questions there were some routine ML/DL questions. 

Questions started from an easy level like:- 

what is F1 score? 

differences between Underfitting and Overfitting 

What is One hot encoding and use cases? 

Explain mathematics behind Regression 

Explain Bag of words model 

Differences between stemming and Tokenization. 


to advanced level like:- 

What is  TDF-IF model and explain its working? 

Advantages of TDF-IF over Count vectorizer 

One open-ended question- How would you design a text summarizer? 

Basically they wanted to check if you have understood the mathematics behind each and every algorithm or merely used some inbuilt library. 


Also I was asked questions from DS/Algo. 

1. Given a sequence of words print all anagrams together 

2. One question based on Trie. 

Result- I was selected for the internship.

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