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AIP Fullform
  • Last Updated : 22 Jun, 2020

AIP or Adaptive Internet Protocol can be classified as a multi-channel protocol that permits various applications running on different platforms to be displayed extensively on various client systems. It builds a bridge for existing IP networks to meet future network architecture needs. It has a variety of display and input services. It also supports printing facility, audio, and device mapping services.

Features :

  • AIP follows layer 3-oriented network architecture.
  • It supports colors of up to 24-bit i.e., it provides a palette of 16.7 million colors.
  • It provides a 256-bit encryption facility via Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) encryption algorithm.
  • It provides security for transport layer.
  • It provides Audio support i.e. audio programs running on remote servers can be redirected to local computers by users.
  • It provides file system redirection facility i.e. files can be run on remote computers without involving use of a terminal session.
  • It provides facility of printer redirection which permits users to use their local printer within application session as they would with a locally or network shared printer.
  • It provides facility of port redirection that allows applications running within terminal session can access local serial ports directly.
  • It allows sharing of clipboard between remote computer and local computer.

Advantages :

  • AIP supports remote display of various applications to same client at same time.
  • AIP delivers applications running on UNIX, Windows, and other platforms and associated device services needed by these platforms.
  • A firewall-friendly approach is used to configure protocol.
  • Since virtual display layer and application layer are separated from each other, AIP provides greater security and mobility levels.
  • Dynamic monitoring of performance makes AIP, an adaptive protocol.
  • Communication between client and server is handled by Telemetry built into protocol, which advises best communication methods to Server.
  • It provides optimal network performance to clients and can handle varying bandwidth conditions.

Disadvantages :

  • License for using AIP needs to be bought.

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