Ahmedabad University Programming Competition held on GeeksforGeeks platform

A 3-day Competitive Programming workshop, conducted at School of Engineering and Applied Science, Ahmedabad University by IEEE Student Branch and Programming Club of Ahmedabad University in association with GeeksforGeeks, includes two competitions – first exclusively for freshmen and the second for the seniors.

Both the contests feature 5-6 problems based on the concepts of hashing, string manipulation, graph theory, number theory, dynamic programming, etc. The duration for the contests is 2 hours.

Winners will get amazing Geeksforgeeks goodies.

Poster for the SEAS Competitive Programming Workshop:
SEAS Competitive Programming Workshop Poster

The event details are as follows:
Institute Name: School of Engineering and Applied Science, Ahmedabad University
Date of competitions: October 17, 2018
Registration: Open to SEAS, Ahmedabad University students only

Contest 1:
Name: SEAS Programming Competition 1.0 (SPC 1.0)
Contest Link: SPC 1.0 (Register Here)
Time of event: 2:30 PM – 4:30 PM
Contest 2:
Name: SEAS Programming Competition 1.1 (SPC 1.1)
Contest Link: SPC 1.1 (Register Here)
Time of event: 3:30 PM – 5:30 PM

Contact details of student volunteers:
Meet Patel – 9033520879
Anshul Jethvani – 9409258153
Pratik Padalia – 8866695023

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