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Agile Methodology Advantages and Disadvantages

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Agile Software Development Methodology is a process of software development (such as other software development methodologies – waterfall model, V-model, iterative model, etc.), however, the Agile development model is also a type of incremental model. Software develops in incremental, rapid cycles. In English, Agile means ‘the ability to move quickly and easily’ and respond to change rapidly – this is an important aspect of Agile software development.

Advantages of Agile Methodology :

  1. In Agile methodology the delivery of software is unremitting.
  2. The customers are satisfied because after every Sprint working feature of the software is delivered to them.
  3. Customers can have a look of the working feature which fulfilled their expectations.
  4. If the customers has any feedback or any change in the feature then it can be accommodated in the current release of the product.
  5. In Agile methodology the daily interactions are required between the business people and the developers.
  6. In this methodology attention is paid to the good design of the product.
  7. Changes in the requirements are accepted even in the later stages of the development.
  8. An Agile/Scrum approach can improve organizational synergy by breaking down organizational barriers and developing a spirit of trust and partnership around organizational goals.

Disadvantages of the Agile Methodology :

  1. In Agile methodology the documentation is less.
  2. Sometimes in Agile methodology the requirement is not very clear hence it’s difficult to predict the expected result.
  3. In few of the projects at the starting of the software development life cycle it’s difficult to estimate the actual effort required.
  4. Because of the ever-evolving features, there is always a risk of the ever-lasting project.
  5. For complex projects, the resource requirement and effort are difficult to estimate.
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Last Updated : 22 May, 2020
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