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Advice From an Alpha Geek – Mr. Sandeep Jain

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In our Geeks Digest: Expert Advice series, we’re constantly trying to provide you with several enriching advice and mentorship every month to resolve all your career-related concerns and make your journey smoother. In this edition, here are some inspiring and influential words from the man himself, Mr. Sandeep Jain, who is behind this portal consisting of millions of geeks across the nation.


Hence, without wasting much time, let’s start the discussion:

Question 1: How did you come up with the idea of GeeksforGeeks, back in 2009?

Answer: GeeksforGeeks was started in 2009 with a vision of making quality content and resources accessible and affordable to each and every student. An extensive computer science portal – it provides you with a wide range of placement preparation resources including quality courses, free tutorials practice problems, interview experiences, and much more. The platform is replacing the traditional classroom-based learning facet with present-day technological advancements to make the learning experience better than ever for the students.

Question 2: What gave you the confidence to leave a secure, well-paying job and enter into the start-up arena? What was the ‘it’ factor?

Answer: When I was pursuing graduation, I knew what it felt like to not have the resources to be easily accessible, and I didn’t want the other Computer Science geeks to go through the same things as I did. The idea to start something like this emerged after identifying the common concern of almost every second student, i.e., how to find a good collection for preparation resources, roadmap, guidance for interview preparation to get the dream job. Initially, GeeksforGeeks was started as a blogging page consisting of very limited content for Computer Science Students – however, now it has scaled up at a much higher level and helping the students in all possible ways. In particular, in the last few years, the platform has evolved exponentially and benefited thousands and thousands of students to achieve the career goals.

Question 3: How has GeeksforGeeks impacted students’ lives?

Answer: Greatly! If you want to learn data structures and algorithms, programming language, or any other computer science subject, or want to practice the problems, share your learning with others, know about the recruitment process of tech giants and their respective interview experiences – this organization has enabled the geeks to do everything conveniently. Additionally, various coding contests, webinars & workshop series are scheduled regularly, along with the provision of numerous internship opportunities. Our vision is to help the students in building a successful career in the tech world.

Question 4: What are your future plans for GeeksforGeeks?

Answer: There are a lot of new ideas and plans that are lined up for future prospects and all these plans and ideas are solely based on the vision of providing quality resources and making the learning process better and interesting for the students. For instance, online courses based on trending technologies as per the industry requirements, various new campus programs across the nation, integration of advanced technologies on the platform to make the learning experience superior for the students, and much more is about to come for the students in the coming time.

Intrinsically, we shall strive harder to enable even more students to not just become code-literate but inculcate an interest that leads to bigger and better things for the world around them.

Question 5: What message would you like to give to aspiring coders?

Answer: Always remember that the expert was once a beginner like you. I would advise you all to never give up, no matter how difficult the road may seem. I know this line has been overused by many of us; be it mentors or parents, but I hope you stand by these words. It is your willingness to grow and overcome the hardships that will lead you to have a happy and successful life.

Lastly, we understand how many of the students who come to us are either fans of the sciences or have been pushed into this field by their parents, but we want you to know that no matter where life takes you, we hope we have made this journey easier for you.

So, this is all from the Alpha Geek – Mr. Sandeep Jain himself. Thank You for Reading!!

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Last Updated : 23 Feb, 2021
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