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Pros of using Linux based Operating Systems for Programming

The best thing about Linux is that it comes in-built with most of the compilers and interpreters, because of this there is no need for the user to download them. While on the other hand, Many other non-Linux Operating Systems don’t come with compilers or interpreters pre-installed. If the software that you require doesn’t have what you need then with just one line of the command

apt install <package-name>
pacman -S <package-name>
yum install <package-name>


apt install sublime-text

Benefits of Linux for programmers

Just because a developer needs to write code and sublime-text provides what is required for the developer. You will get what you need with just that line of command and isn’t this awesome, also this saves us a lot of time and effort as a lot of functions that we may perform in Linux with single command are not present in many other Operating Systems.

There is a meme popular in the programming community

An Error Message prompts! (Like sublime-text is not installed)
Windows: Umm ok :/
OSX: Upgrade to newest version 
Linux: Here's a hint to solve 
    do 'apt install sublime-text' before  launching sublime-text

It is much easier to solve any issue related to Linux with just one or two lines of code rather than going through some video tutorials. A problem in Linux can be solved with one or two commands.

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