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Pros of using Linux based Operating Systems for Programming

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The best thing about Linux is that it comes in-built with most of the compilers and interpreters, because of this there is no need for the user to download them. While on the other hand, Many other non-Linux Operating Systems don’t come with compilers or interpreters pre-installed. If the software that you require doesn’t have what you need then with just one line of the command

apt install <package-name>
pacman -S <package-name>
yum install <package-name>


apt install sublime-text

Benefits of Linux for programmers

Just because a developer needs to write code and sublime-text provides what is required for the developer. You will get what you need with just that line of command and isn’t this awesome, also this saves us a lot of time and effort as a lot of functions that we may perform in Linux with single command are not present in many other Operating Systems.

  • Another reason why Linux is preferred by programmers is due to its versatility, power that comes with it, also speed, and security. Linux OS has arguably the biggest community and also welcomes all newcomers.
  • Linux also comes with many flavors and programmers can decide which they want to get ahead with.
  • It is Open Source and you may write your own commands and their functions the way you want them to work.
  • You may even make changes to Linux Kernel in your local machine as that too is open source while many other Operating Systems don’t have their Kernels’ code Open Source.

There is a meme popular in the programming community

An Error Message prompts! (Like sublime-text is not installed)
Windows: Umm ok :/
OSX: Upgrade to newest version 
Linux: Here's a hint to solve 
    do 'apt install sublime-text' before  launching sublime-text

It is much easier to solve any issue related to Linux with just one or two lines of code rather than going through some video tutorials. A problem in Linux can be solved with one or two commands.

  • Being open-source we can have control over everything like for example all the codes are open to its users and this gives the power to the users to literally changes anything, being as robust as it is Linux is capable of running for some months without crashing, so no need to shut down.
  • There are very popular programming tools like awk, grep which help in the daily life of programmers for being productive.
  • Some important features that make Linux special are being able to run interpreted languages like Python, R, Ruby, and many more by just typing one word at any time, quickly connecting to repository Github’s or bitbuckets or even remote networks with SSH and SVN, file management, being able to write scripts to make all types of tasks in a more efficient and optimal fashion all from the terminal
  • The ability to changes your entire interface in Linux to look and feel like windows or OSX is ONE OF THE SMALL FEATURES that it provides, it also comes with tons of software packages available, quick and easy to download and install.
  • Bash scripting is available to the users to use in-built for the users. You may by now get the idea of how much power does Linux holds.
  • As a matter of assumption but the fact in my case Linux can give like 2x or even more times the performance in terms of programming and usage.
Last Updated : 15 Jan, 2021
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