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Advantages of Online Preparation for Class 12 CBSE Board

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  • Last Updated : 03 Jun, 2019

The first step towards shaping a successful career is your 12th standard. At this level of schooling, not only do you require a good score to get admissions to reputed colleges or universities, but it is also necessary to understand the concepts well in order to make a good base for your further studies. In both cases, the preparations for class 12th boards are of prime importance for the future of the students. This is why it becomes crucial to adopt a method of learning that not only help in grasping concepts thoroughly but also tests the knowledge. In a technologically advanced world, even learning has been given a smart approach, through the availability of online preparation options for various exams. Online learning has emerged as a popular alternative solution to the traditional methods of learning in schools.

There are several learners who still feel apprehensive about the difference in the quality of online learning. It becomes difficult for them to visualize learning beyond classroom teachings. However, the following are some of the major advantages of e-learning that may help them decide accordingly:

Online Learning as an Effective Solution:

As online learning has made preparation for examinations a lot simple, easier, convenient, and more interesting, its efficiency has been equally appealing to the students as well as parents. It has superseded their expectations by providing them a range of benefits in comparison to traditional learning methods. It allows students to study as per their own convenience and helps them balance it effectively with other commitments.

Convenience and Flexibility:

Instead of adhering to a particular time framework for studies, online learning makes it possible for students to plan their study time around any time of the day. Students can learn and study as per their own convenience. As e-learning features easy access to valuable course material, learners do not have to take out extra time for library trips either. Also, they can strike a good balance between studies and family commitments with online learning.


In comparison to traditional learning modes for supplementing classroom education (like tuition classes), online learning is considered to be more cost-effective. Students can save a valuable amount of money by learning via affordable online lectures available in the language of one’s own choice. Moreover, they have access to notes and study material online. Students can also save the money spent on photocopying a large chunk of notes needed to prepare for class 12 board examinations.

Easy Access to Quality Study Material:

Self-study, access to quality materials, and time management are the three most important factors for achieving success in school life and online learning facilitates all of them. One of the most exceptional factors of online learning is the quality of the content featured. Hours of research is done by subject experts in curating the best online study material for students and making concepts more comprehensive and simple to understand. Students can easily and comfortably refer to online notes available for all subjects. Additionally, they can get quick access to online CBSE tests for class 12, which not only cover all important questions required for effective practice but can also help students test their concepts whenever they feel like. After all, there is nothing like an updated question bank that can efficiently assist class 12 students by providing them a clear picture of their weak points.

Undoubtedly, the benefits of online preparation for class 12 boards are numerous and can genuinely help students prepare and score better. So, studies can be more fun, interesting, and convenient!

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