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Advantages and Disadvantages of working in a Startup

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  • Last Updated : 23 Oct, 2019

In today’s scenario, college graduates love to take risks and have high aspirations for themselves. Startup companies are what most of them choose to feel the thrill and excitement of entrepreneurship. It isn’t necessary that a startup will always be successful. Many new companies fail to accomplish the statures which other companies started as startup may have. So one should think carefully before joining any startup.

How joining a Startup may boost your Career?

  • High level of Responsibility – The majority of the fortunes of a startup would lie on the shoulder of a technical geek. Since you are chosen from many candidates, likewise with a relatively less help staff, it is you who have the additional duty to control a startup and make it a real success.
  • Day to Day Challenges :If you are the guy who’d love acknowledge diverse difficulties, then the job is perfect for you. Startup are likely to confront numerous monstrosities in the beginning which would be specifically diverted on you as a lead. This consequently would enable you to fabricate yourself and make you solid enough to confront the vast majority of the genuine issues which were being looked by the organization.
  • Steep learning curve : You CAN commit errors in a startup which would be exceptionally useful for your own particular growth. You will be effortlessly ready to understand your oversights and work upon it quicker and faster, which would effectively influence you to stand aside with the additional skills you learned as opposed to your associates working in great/presumed companies. Additionally, unstructured condition of a startup will enable you to take in more than the structured condition of a “Tech Giant”.

You start to deal with things better. You begin to make sound decisions since you’re permitted to settle on some awful choices before everything else. Furthermore, in conclusion, you will soon achieve a situation from which you can lead an entire group in future.

When Startup might not be a good choice

  • Accountability – You are the person is responsible for whatever is doled out and expected of you, which straight away places you in much more weight of dealing with some troublesome circumstances which you probably might not have to face in structured companies. So there is an additional risk on whatever you do, you should be sure of.
  •  Money –  the one thing which many think of. A startup, well in most cases, are not financially backed, so one ought not hope to get BIG salaries.You may not be paid as much as those working in tech giants.I n the case money is more critical, perhaps you have to glance through choices in the market other than the new companies.
  • Job Security –Not all startups fly high, so one should be always clear that it’s not necessary that you might get to work in the same company for 5-10 years. Any fatal mistake, you are fired since you were the one who solely looked after that task, which definitely puts you in danger zone. In case a startup flourishes, then it might be one of your best decisions of joining the startup, also till then you might be the leader of that company at such an early point of career.

In case you’re not willing to go out on a limb or take risks, don’t join a startup. However, in the case that you feel that you have an aspiration to begin something all alone one day and you require preparing ground to do only that, you can devote your initial years in a startup which will enable you to fabricate your establishment and offer you openings that will provoke you and improve you to be an expert.

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