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Advantages and disadvantages of Network Interface Card (NIC)

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  • Last Updated : 22 Dec, 2020

Network Interface Card :
Network Interface Card is an equipment unit, which is inbuilt inside a PC furnished with an opening, it associates the PC to a PC network for correspondence with different gadgets by means of transports. There are numerous equivalents for network interface card like network connector, neighborhood (LAN) card or actual Network interface card, ethernet regulator or ethernet connector, network regulator, and association card.

Features of Network Interface Card :

  • Network interface card bolsters practically all standard transports for information move between the PCs or gadgets.
  • The connectors or transports go about as an intermediator for correspondence changes over the correspondence between different gadgets from sequential correspondence to resemble correspondence or equal correspondence to sequential correspondence.
  • It additionally designs information dependent on the engineering of the Network.
  • Network Interface Card card NIC is an equipment part, where network regulators are incorporated onto a circuit load up that utilizes a standard OSI model of 7 layers to impart and it acts like a trans-collector, where it can send and get simultaneously while speaking with different gadgets.

Assume in the event that we need to speak with another gadget, let us accept the instance of customer and worker, where the correspondence between them happens by right off the bat imparting signs to the actual layer, and afterward sending information bundles to the Network layer which is an interface at TCP/IP. Association with the motherboard is made utilizing any of the accompanyings through these components as follows.

Advantages of Network Interface Card :
The upsides of the Network Interface Card are as per the following.

  • The information move is exceptionally dependable among the hubs.
  • Enormous measure of information can be shared or moved between numerous clients.
  • The web speed for correspondence making conceivable is normally high in gigabytes.
  • By using numerous ports of NIC cards that are given, a few peripherals can get stopped.
  • The correspondence speed utilizing the Internet is high generally in Gigabytes.
  • Numerous fringe gadgets can be associated utilizing numerous ports of NIC cards.
  • Mass information can be divided between numerous clients.

Disadvantages of Network Interface Card :
The hindrances of Network Interface Card are as per the following.

  • Badly designed if there should arise an occurrence of wired link NIC, as it isn’t convenient like a remote switch.
  • The design should be legitimate for better correspondence.
  • Information is unstable.
  • By using numerous ports of NIC cards that are given, a few peripherals can get stopped.
  • Security is minimal low.
  • To make fine correspondence the arrangement should be exact.
  • At the point when wired links are use in Network Interface Card transportability isn’t economical and cause inconveniences.
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