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Advantages and Disadvantages of Microcontroller

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  • Difficulty Level : Basic
  • Last Updated : 07 Jul, 2022
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Microcontroller is an microcircuit (IC) which will be programmed to perform a group of functions to regulate a set of electronic devices. Being programmable is what makes microcontroller unique. Microcontroller may be a device that captures input, processes it and generates output supported knowledge captured. it’s also called MC or MCU (Microcontroller Unit) which may be a compact digital processor on Metal-Oxide-Semiconductor Chip. Microcontrollers also are called as “special purpose computers”. they’re dedicated to execute specific task that’s programmed and stored in ROM. they’re available with on board Memory and I/O Ports which eliminates building a circuit that has separate external RAM, ROM and Peripheral chips. MC’s works at lower speeds, and needs less power. These features of Microcontrollers make it a perfect choice for embedded applications. Single-Board MC also called Development Board Microcontroller built onto one computer circuit Board (PCB). Memory, Clock, I/O circuits etc. they’re popularly used for educational purposes to realize experience as they’re available at low cost. 

Classification of Microcontroller :

  • Memory
  • Architecture
  • Bit Configuration
  • Instruction set

Advantages of the microcontroller :

  • Low time required for performing operation.
  • It is easy to use, troubleshooting and system maintenance is straightforward.
  • At an equivalent time, many tasks are often performed therefore the human effect are often saved.
  • Processor chip is extremely small and adaptability occurs.
  • Cost and size of the system is less.
  • Microcontroller is straightforward to interface additional RAM, ROM, and I/O port.
  • Once microcontroller is programmed then they can’t be reprogrammed.
  • If the digital parts were not present it will look like a microcomputer.

Disadvantages of the microcontroller :

  • It is generally utilized in micro equipment.
  • It has a complex structure.
  • Microcontroller cannot interface a better power device directly.
  • Number of executions is limited.
  • As every Microcontrollers does not have analog I/O so there are issues rela.
  • Microcontrollers are composed of complementary metal-oxide-semiconductor (CMOS) and can be damaged by a static charge.
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