Advantages and Disadvantages of Long Term Evolution (LTE) technology

Long Term Evolution (LTE) technology is very famous nowadays (2020). This is because of the increasing usage of 4G smartphones that use this technology. LTE is the project name given to development of a high performance air interface for cellular mobile communication systems. It is used for advancing series of mobile telecommunications systems. It is a high-speed data network. It is the fastest wireless network for smartphones and mobile devices.

Advantages :

  1. Data as well as voice can be exchanged between participants. This is because LTE supports packet switching.
  2. High amounts of data can be transferred between the sender and the receiver.
  3. All data exchange occurs with very less power consumption. This leads to better life of the smartphone batteries.
  4. It has high speed of the file upload and download.
  5. It releases the network usage faster. This decreases the load on the network.
  6. This decreases the traffic and moves towards lesser crashes in the service.
  7. Live shows, matches and events can be easily watched using LTE.

Disadvantages :

  1. This service is not currently available in all cities.
  2. More towers and fresh technologies need to be developed for better signals while in transit e.g., in buses and trains.
  3. LTE being complex needs only skilled people to manage the system. They even need to be paid a higher salary.
  4. This technology cannot be used in old versions of smartphones.
  5. Buying new smartphones for LTE is a costly affair.

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