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Advantages and Disadvantages of Infrared sensor

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Infrared sensor :
IR sensor is a basic electronic gadget which transmits and distinguishes IR radiation to discover certain items/impediments in its reach. A portion of its highlights are warmth and movement detecting.

IR sensors utilize infrared radiation of frequency between 0.75 to 1000µm which falls among noticeable and microwave districts of electromagnetic range. IR locale isn’t obvious to natural eyes. Infrared range is ordered into three districts dependent on its frequency for example Close to Infrared, Mid Infrared, Far Infrared. The Infrared sensor is a gadget which utilizes infrared waves to detect attributes of environmental factors. It is utilized to gauge heat radiated by item or individuals. It is additionally used to distinguish movement of the item. It is additionally utilized for information correspondence for observing and control applications.

Following are the attributes of Infrared waves :

  1. Frequency Range: 300 GHz and 400 THz.
  2. Wavelength Range: 1 mm to 750 nm.
  3. Sensing reach or distance: 10 to 30 meters.
  4. Data rate: 300 to 115200 bps (Serial Infrared), 4 Mbps (Fast Infrared).
  5. Number of gadgets: 2 in association mode.
  6. Modulation type : Pulse Position Modulation.

Advantages of Infrared sensor :
Following are the benefits of Infrared sensor :

  • It gives made sure about correspondence because of view or highlight point method of correspondence.
  • The battery utilized in infrared gadgets keep going for long term because of lower power utilization.
  • Infrared movement sensors identify movement in daytime and evening dependably.
  • The sensor doesn’t need any contact with the item to be detected. The infrared gadgets are more proper for targets which are close than 10 mm.
  • Infrared gadgets can quantify distance to delicate items which may not be effortlessly identified by ultrasound.
  • They are truly more modest in size and are more moderate.
  • It has reaction time quicker than thermocouple.
  • It gives great soundness after some time.
  • No consumption or oxidation can influence the precision of infrared sensor.
  • It conveys high repeatability.

Disadvantages of Infrared sensor :
Following are the burdens of Infrared sensor :

  • Infrared frequencies are influenced by hard articles (for example dividers, entryways), smoke, dust, haze, daylight and so on Thus it doesn’t work through dividers or entryways.
  • Infrared waves at high force can harm eyes.
  • In screen and control application, it can control just a single gadget at one time. Additionally it is hard to control things which are not in LOS (Line of Sight). It requires view among transmitter and collector to convey.
  • It underpins more limited reach and consequently it execution corrupts with longer distances.
  • It upholds lower information rate transmission contrast with wired transmission.
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Last Updated : 21 Dec, 2020
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