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Advantages and Disadvantages of Hybrid Topology

Last Updated : 18 Jul, 2023
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Pre-Requisite: Types of Network Topology

Hybrid Topology is the first before going into the topic, we saw that topology may be a connection of varied links and nodes, communicating with one another for the transfer of knowledge. During this process sort of topology, we combine two or more different topologies to make a resultant topology that has good points(as well as weaknesses) of all constituent basic topologies instead of having characteristics of only one specific topology. This mix of topologies is completed and consistent with the wants of the organization.

Example for instance if in an office one of the department’s ring topologies is employed and another star, topology is employed, connecting these topologies will end in Hybrid Topology (ring topology and star topology). 

Types of Hybrid Topology

Hybrid Topology is of various types that are listed below. Like different network topologies, hybrid topology is also similar as it also depends on the IP Address. The types of Hybrid Topology are:

1. Star-Ring Hybrid Topology

Star-Ring Hybrid Topology is the mixture or combination of Star Topology and Ring Topology. In Star-Ring Hybrid topology, star topologies are joined to each other via a ring in a wired connection. In Star-Ring Topology, the flow of data can be unidirectional or bidirectional. 

Star-Ring Hybrid Topology

Star-Ring Hybrid Topology

2. Star-Bus Hybrid Topology

Star Bus Hybrid Topology is a combination of Star Topology and Bus Topology. Here, the star networks are connected to the cable of the Bus Topology. In the figure mentioned below, you can easily get to know how Star and Bus are interconnected in Star Bus Hybrid Topology.

Star Bus Hybrid Topology

Star Bus Hybrid Topology

3. Hierarchical Network Topology

Hierarchical Network Topology is simply a type of Network Topology that is connected to multiple nodes present there. It is a type of hybrid topology, that is a combination of Star Ring Hybrid Topology and Star-Bus Hybrid Topolgy. It also consists of Root Node, Child Node, and Leaf Node.

Advantages of Hybrid Topology

  • This type of topology combines the benefits of different types of topologies in one topology.
  • Can be modified as per requirement.
  • It is extremely flexible.
  • It is very reliable.
  • It is easily scalable as Hybrid networks are built in a fashion which enables easy integration of new hardware components.
  • Error detecting and troubleshooting are easy.
  • Handles a large volume of traffic.
  • It is used to create large networks.
  • The speed of the topology becomes fast when two topologies are put together.

Disadvantages of Hybrid Topology

  • It is a type of network expensive.
  • The design of a hybrid network is very complex.
  • There is a change in the hardware to connect one topology with another topology.
  • Usually, hybrid architectures are larger in scale so they require a lot of cables in the installation process.
  • Hubs which are used to connect two distinct networks are very costly. And hubs are different from usual hubs as they need to be intelligent enough to work with different architectures.
  • Installation is a difficult process.

Uses of Hybrid Topology

  • Hybrid Topology helps in keeping the full diversity of the computer network.
  • Hybrid Topology is helpful when we require more than one topology in the system.
  • Hybrid Topology helps in reducing the cost of the overall system.
  • Hybrid Topology helps in easily running the system.
  • Hybrid Topology is widely used in educational institutes, research organizations, finance sectors, etc.

FAQs on Hybrid Topology

1. What is Hybrid Topology?


Hybrid Topology is simply a combination of two or more network topologies for providing a better facility of the network is called as Hybrid Topology.

2. What are the types of Hybrid Topology?


Hybrid Topology is of 3 types

  1. Star-Bus Hybrid Topology
  2. Star-Ring Hybrid Topology
  3. Hierarchical Network Topology

3. Why is Hybrid Topology Used?


Hybrid Topology provides flexibility or simply it is a good technique that increases efficiency to the next level. That’s why Hybrid topology is used.

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