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Advantages and Disadvantages of CSS

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Cascading Style Sheets (CSS): CSS is defined as a method sheet language that provides web designers control over how an internet site communicates with web browsers including the formatting and display of their HTML documents.

CSS or cascading sheet may be a text-based coding language that specifies the website formats and the way a site communicates with web browsers. The language allows web developers to regulate various style elements and functionalities, like layout, color, fonts, and therefore the formatting and display of HTML documents.

The main goal (as a method sheet language) was to separate document content from document presentation, which incorporates style elements, like color, layout, and fonts. CSS handles the design and feel a part of an internet page. Using CSS, you will control the color of the text, the design of fonts, the spacing between paragraphs, how columns are sized and laid out, etc.

CSS instructs the display of the HTML on how the web site will display at the user’s end. Let us have a glance on the benefits and drawbacks of CSS.

Advantages of CSS:

  • CSS plays an important role, by using CSS you simply got to specify a repeated style for element once & use it multiple times as because CSS will automatically apply the required styles.
  • The main advantage of CSS is that style is applied consistently across variety of sites. One instruction can control several areas which is advantageous.
  • Web designers needs to use few lines of programming for every page improving site speed.
  • Cascading sheet not only simplifies website development, but also simplifies the maintenance as a change of one line of code affects the whole web site and maintenance time.
  • It is less complex therefore the effort are significantly reduced.
  • It helps to form spontaneous and consistent changes.
  • CSS changes are device friendly. With people employing a batch of various range of smart devices to access websites over the web, there’s a requirement for responsive web design.
  • It has the power for re-positioning. It helps us to determine the changes within the position of web elements who are there on the page.
  • These bandwidth savings are substantial figures of insignificant tags that are indistinct from a mess of pages.
  • Easy for the user to customize the online page
  • It reduces the file transfer size.

Disadvantages of CSS:

  • CSS, CSS 1 up to CSS3, result in creating of confusion among  web browsers.
  • With CSS, what works with one browser might not always work with another. The web developers need to test for compatibility, running the program across multiple browsers.
  • There exists a scarcity of security.
  • After making the changes we need to confirm the compatibility if they appear. The similar change affects on all the browsers.
  • The programming language world is complicated for non-developers and beginners. Different levels of CSS i.e. CSS, CSS 2, CSS 3 are often quite confusing.
  • Browser compatibility (some styles sheet are supported and some are not).
  • CSS works differently on different browsers. IE and Opera supports CSS as different logic.
  • There might be cross-browser issues while using CSS.
  • There are multiple levels which creates confusion for non-developers and beginners.
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Last Updated : 19 Apr, 2023
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