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Advantages and Disadvantages of Corrective Maintenance (CM)

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  • Last Updated : 21 Oct, 2020
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Corrective Maintenance (CM) is a type of maintenance actions that usually occurs when a maintenance team member or technician identifies an issue while performing preventive maintenance inspection. In simple words, identifies emergency work orders. CM usually determines. Isolates, and then resolve asset (equipment, machine, system, component, etc.) can be restored back to its normal working condition. CM generally improves health and performance of particular asset. Technicians that are capable of identifying potential failures before it becomes a major issue or emergency can protect and save organizations from greatest loss of money and production.

Advantages :
There are several advantages of CM. Some of them are given below :

  1. Less planning required :
    As CM is only appropriate for assets that are less critical, so only planning is required for particular assets that are faulty. CM is not required to be planned for all assets. Preventive maintenance requires more planning than that of CM.

  2. Lower short-term costs :

    CM generally reduces cost of running a reactive maintenance strategy. CM does not involve any PM (Preventive Maintenance) plans for assets that are not-critical. Therefore, money required to plan PM is saved. In CM, one needs to spend money only when failure occurs. If there is no such problem and everything assets are working as per requirement, then there is no need to spend money on anything. So, we can say that CM overall saves money and less costly than PM.

  3. Simplified process :
    CM does not involve any planning to implement PM. It is type of maintenance action that is required only when it is needed. CM is generally required only when failure or breakdown of assets occurs. CM Process does not extra tools to identify problems before they occur. Therefore, it is simple process that is easy for one to understand and perform.

  4. Best solution in some cases :
    CM is best in cases where asset is not critical and requires less money and time to repair after its failure. There are some cases where time and money required to perform PM is much more than that of performing CM. In such cases, CM is best option to perform. CM simply saves money and time as it is only required to restore assets when failure occurs.

Disadvantages :
Despite advantages, there are some disadvantages also of CM. Some of them are given below :

  1. Increased Unpredictability :
    Since there is no planning involved to prevent failure occurrence, its consequences can be greater. One needs to know that when a issue is going to arise, what will be its consequences, what will be tools required to repair or replace it, who is going to correct it. But in CM, equipment is not addressed well after purchase and therefore chances of failure occurrence are not predictable and can unexpectedly damage to overall system.

  2. Paused Operations :
    One equipment failure can be led to pause operations of other equipment. Unexpected failure can cause greater damage to system. When such failures occur unexpectedly, all technicians have to stop their work and focus on identifying ways to resolve failure. This generally leads to delay in production schedule.

  3. Increased cost of maintenance :
    There are some assets for which CM can be more costly. Resources and tools required to repair assets failure can be more costly than using tools to prevent it from failure. Maintenance of such assets after failure can be costly. It also increases labor costs.

  4. Safety concerns :
    Some assets failure causes greater damage to system. Some of them can be dangerous and can affect health of employees. It also affects working environment. Such assets failure is required to maintained immediately. Maintenance may be rushed which can be led to higher risk of unsafe work and unsafe environment.

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