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Advantages and Disadvantages of Auto-CAD

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Prerequisite – Introduction to Auto-CAD software 

Advantages of Auto-CAD: 
In the last 25 years, AutoCAD has created many changes in field of building and manufacturing. Some of advantages of AutoCAD are as follows :

  1. Compatibility – 
    Standardization is one of beneficial advantage of using AutoCAD. It is used as standard for Computer Aided Design, so that other packages of CAD emulates operations of AutoCAD and ensure about compatibility of files across industrial boundaries.
  2. 2D and 3D – 
    It has ability to make a transition between 2D and 3D. Some versions has ability that they can automatically generate print documentation which is typically based on virtual 3D models. As we know that 3D modelling is easy difficult, but with help of 3d packages it becomes very easy to create and modify.
  3. Companionable with CAM – 
    CAD goes hand-in-hand with Computer Aided Manufacturing (CAM). AutoCAD automatically interact with matching CAM packages which further create machine tool program for operations like drilling, turning and grinding.
  4. Virtualization – 
    On large scale production like bridge or building design etc, virtualization is used. Virtualization is ability to view and walk through project in a 3D view before start manufacturing process.
  5. Time Saver – 
    To make any desired drawing it consumes much time but with invent of AutoCAD making drawing is not time consuming task. Also we can generate as much copies of same drawing. The same drawing can be used in other drawing which also helps in saving time.
  6. Simulation – 
    It is also used to create simulations and wire-frame models, which help user to check functionality of model without investing in prototype of the model.
  7. Databases – 
    It is also help in creation of databases like PDM/PLM, once these database are get created with help of CAD files these can be accessed through WAN.
  8. Accuracy – 
    It can produce even large files with same ease and accuracy. Commands like Grid Snap, Zoom and attach are used for accuracy in drawing.

Disadvantages of Auto-CAD: 
As we know that AutoCAD is most famous computer Aided Design, it has many advantages nut it has disadvantages too. It does not compare well to contemporary building information modelling, three dimensional modeling and illustration software. Following are disadvantages of AutoCAD :

  1. Line – 
    As AutoCAD produces drawings with help of line and shape tools and curves, arcs and straight lines helps in producing shapes. But AutoCAD is useless in editing line and location as freely as in case of illustration programs. It create drawing with only help of lines it does not use volumetric models as we use in Building Information Modelling (BIM). In case of 3D geometry it uses limited effects.
  2. Limited File Formats – 
    As it is leading CAD, it limits number of file formats it can import or export. This cause a problem while using more powerful tools and exporting program to an AutoCAD format i.e geometry, color and effects are almost lost.
  3. Color, Fill and Texture – 
    For color, fill and texture in AutoCAD user uses line and hatch tools. But in AutoCAD there are limited colors i.e only 256 and hatching provides only texture, we did not obtain photo realistic images as in illustration programs.
  4. Non-Parametric – 
    To create 3D models, there are various tools and to edit models time various steps are to be followed which consumes alot of time which is automatically edit in case of Building Information Modelling (BIM).
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Last Updated : 18 Aug, 2022
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