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Advantage and Disadvantage of Edge Computing

  • Last Updated : 05 Jun, 2020

Edge Computing enables data to be analysed, processed, and transferred at the edge of a network. Meaning, the data is analysed locally, closer to where it is stored, in real-time without latency. Edge computing allow data from Internet of things device to be analysed edge of network before being send to a data center or cloud.

Advantages :

  • It offers high speed, reduced latency better reliability which allows for quicker data processing and content delivery.
  • It offers better security by distributing processing, storage, and applications across a wide range of devices and data centers, which makes it difficult for any single disruption to take down the network.
  • It offers a far less expensive route to scalability and versatility, allowing companies to expand their computing capacity through a combination of IoT devices and edge data centers.

Disadvantages :

  • It requires more storage capacity.
  • Security challenges in edge computing is high due to huge amount of data.
  • It only analyse the data.
  • Cost of edge computing is very high.
  • It requires advanced infrastructure.
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