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Advance Solutions Software for Internship | On-Campus 2020

  • Difficulty Level : Medium
  • Last Updated : 18 Jan, 2021

Round 1: The first round comprised of 20 -30 MCQ questions including C output questions and Programming Fundamentals (Test Duration: 30 Minutes):


This test was conducted in Google form and it was mandatory to submit within 30 minutes otherwise your response will not be considered and you will be disqualified.

The MCQs that were asked were very basic C output and fundamental questions like OOPS concepts etc. I remember some questions:

  1. Array start from which index?
  2. What is the use of pointers?
  3. The question was very easy but there was a time constraint, In my University, more than 600 people enrolled and 80+ are shortlisted for the next round. (Do Read the Tips)

Suggestion: I would suggest doing quizzes from Geeksforgeeks to get in touch with all concepts of C and other subjects.

Tips: Solve the questions with a calm mind. If you have done all the questions just submit them, don’t wait for the last 30 minutes, I remember many of my friends have made All correct but not shortlisted because they have submitted last, I have submitted within 15 Minutes and I got shortlisted for the next round. Don’t spend too much time on any question if you are not able to do it on the first attempt.

Round 2 (Video Resume): After 5 days I got the mail that You have been shortlisted for the further selection process You are required to submit the Video Resume over a Google Link. The deadline was After 4 days.

These are the instructions that we received in the mail for the video resume.

The Video Resume will cover the following details.


  • Short video description of an average of 2 minutes.
  • Introduction – who you are, background, childhood, schooling, college, etc?
  • Education – subjects, interests, scores?
  • Skills that make you suitable for Advance Solutions
  • What are your interests?
  • What are your strengths?
  • How you are different from others and why we should pick you?

Round 3 (Group Discussion): The Cumulative Score of Performance in Video Resume and Group Discussion will be taken for the Shortlisting for the final Technical Interview Round. 

The Group Discussion was conducted in Zoom and it was mandatory to switch on the camera. There were 9 Participants some of them are from different universities.

The panelist first asked to Introduce Everone Individually and My turn was after 4 Participants and I saw that many very not even introduce themselves properly, So here’s the opportunity.

I don’t remember exactly the topic but it was similar to Artificial Intelligence and Robotics. The time was 10 minutes.

Tip: In a group discussion, you don’t have to be the best, you only have to perform better than other participants. As we all know that the Selection procedure was online due to COVID19, So these will be the bonus tips that Wear the Formals Including Tie because this will create a good impression. This will definitely help because many were there who are not even in proper dress.

Round 3 (Technical Interview): There were less than 49 are shortlisted from my University for the Technical round but some are from different universities. The questions asked in the Interview was from basic programming and Web development (HTML, CSS, Javascript)

  1. Introduce yourself. (Do Mention Projects, Achievements, etc)
  2. He asked which language you are comfortable with, and then he asked the questions from them. (I told C++)
  3. What is C++ and who developed it?
  4. Why C++ is better than C? (tell about the OPPS concepts)
  5. What are arrays?
  6. Advantages of using LinkedList over arrays?
  7. How to swap two variables with or without a third variable?(Only approach no coding)
  8. How to check for odd Numbers without using % Mod? (using Bit Manipulation AND)
  9. Questions from Projects.
  10. What is HTML?
  11. What are the types of CSS?
  12. What are the different types of CSS selectors?
  13. What are block elements and how it is different from inline elements with examples?
  14. How to design a table in HTML and which Tags are used?
  15. What are colspan and rowspan?
  16. You are given the task to design a layout that contains images on the left and some texts on right, how you will do it? (Using div and applying CSS property float left and right)
  17. How Div is a block element?
  18. Why JavaScript is used?
  19. You have to design 2 textboxes and a submit button and if you click on submit then how you will take the inputs of textboxes in JavaScript?
  20. What is the difference between getElementById() and getElementsByClassName() and getElementsByTagName()?

The Interview lasted for around 30 Minutes.

Round 4 (Final Interview with CEO): After a few days, I received a mail that I was selected in Technical Interview and the next round is the final Interview with the CEO, and we need to book a slot as per our availability. This was just an interaction round with the CEO of Advanced Solutions.

  1. He said don’t need of Introduction as you have faced many rounds you will be tired.
  2. Tell me something that you have not mentioned in your CV?
  3. What are your hobbies? (I said competitive programming)
  4. Which language you do coding in? (C++)
  5. Why all the competitive programmers code in C++ not in Java?
  6. In which state of India you live?

At last, he asked do you have any questions? (Don’t ask the silly question as he is the CEO ask some good questions)

Result: I am happy to say that, I have cleared all the Rounds and a Total of 19 students are selected from our University.

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