Advanategs and Disadvanategs of Incremental process model

Incremental process model is also know as Successive version model. This model requirements are broken down into multiple standalone modules of software development cycle. First increment is core product for basic requirements, and in next increment, supplementary features are added. many successive iterations/ versions are implemented and delivered to the customer until the desired system is released.

Advantages of using Incremental process model :

  1. It is easy for breakdown of tasks because of divide and conquer approached used.
  2. It has lowers initial delivery cost.
  3. It has incremental resource deployment.
  4. It can deduct errors easily because core modules are used by the customer from the beginning of the phase and then 5. These are tested thoroughly.
  5. It is good to use when requirements are known up-front.
  6. It is good to use when projects having lengthy developments schedules.
  7. It is good to use when projects uses new Technology.
  8. It is good to use when Funding Schedule, Risk, Program Complexity, or need for early realization of benefits.
  9. It generates working software quickly and early during the software life cycle.
  10. It is more flexible and less costly to change scope and requirements.
  11. It is easy to manage each iteration.
  12. It is easy to manage risk because of iterations.

Disadvantages of using Incremental process model :

  1. It requires a good planning designing.
  2. It is costlier than waterfall model.
  3. Definition of system should be complete and clear.

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