ADP Recruitment Experience | Set 3 (On Campus for Member Technical)

Round 1: 

This was an MCQ round with questions on quantitative aptitude, verbal ability, English and basic C questions. 

The duration was 80 minutes. The questions were not too tough. They shortlisted around 20 students.

Round 2: This was a coding round on paper. 

There were three questions. The questions were-

1. Given a database of employees with employee ID, name and parent ID. Print the database in hierarchy starting with the CEO.

2. Valid parentheses, given a set of brackets, find if they are valid. Solution for this is available everywhere.

3. WAP to find the angle between the hours and minutes hand.

Round 3: This was a technical round.

8 students were shortlisted for this round. He discussed the coding questions asked in the previous round. And asked some basic array questions. Also he asked some puzzles.

Round 4: This too was a technical party HR round

The interviewer discussed the coding questions of the second round in detail. And asked about family and aim in life.

This round focused on behavior in different situations. He grilled me like anything and left hopeless.

Round 5: This was purely an HR round.

It was just 10 minutes long. He asked about family, if I’m comfortable to relocate and at last- give me two reasons why should we hire you.

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