ADP Interview experience | Set 2 (On-Campus)

Round 1: Written Test

Written test comprise of 4 sections.
1. Aptitude
2. Reasoning
3. Programming MCQ
4. Computer MCQ.
Programming MCQ contained the output finding questions from c, c++ and Java also and Computer MCQ contained question from OS, DBMS and computer language. Time limit was 45 minutes.

Round 2: Managerial

In this round very common HR question were asked with introduction.

Round 3: Technical

In this round questions were asked from C, OOPs, OS and DBMS.
From C:
Memory Management, differences among passing through variable, pointer and references, factorial of large number, differences between pointer and references.
From OOP:
Polymorphism and its use in real life, Overloading and Overriding and some of OOP real time implementations.
From OS: Semaphore and its implementations and Deadlock.
From DBMS: Join, Keys and design a schema for given tables.

Round 4: HR

Asked some basic question like why ADP, what are expectations from this company, what is my passion etc.

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