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ADP Interview Experience for Senior Member Technical | On-Campus

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  • Difficulty Level : Hard
  • Last Updated : 29 Jan, 2020

ADP visited NIT Calicut on 27th Jan 2020 for the role of Senior Member Technical. The PPT started around 12.20 PM and the entire selection process went up to 09.30 PM. Finally, they selected 5 candidates for the given profile. A total of 4 rounds were there.

Round 1 (Online Test)
The test consisted of 3 sections – Quantitative Aptitude-20, Analytic Aptitude-25, Programming Concepts-40. The time frame (minutes) given was the same as the number of questions. They required >60% throughout the education so students who failed that criteria were immediately delisted. ~160 students appeared in the test.
The questions were basics to intermediate level. Mostly the conceptual questions were asked in the programming section. If anyone knows the concepts to its core, they will feel that it is the easiest section. Mostly there were output based questions. Since there was no negative marking, I went to solve as much as I could and then marked unsolved questions randomly.

Round 2 Technical Round
The company shortlisted 38 students for 2nd round. It was a face to face interview. The interviewer closely went through my resume and asked me to explain two of those projects. He asked me about the skills that I had mentioned (AWS, LINUX, Virtualization). He asked me different questions from these sections. When asked about programming skills, I told them that I was average in programming and hence they asked me some basic programming questions like explaining Binary Search, String manipulation related questions, Array List and difference b/w JRE and JDK. They asked some simple DBMS questions like difference b/w truncate and delete, different commands, transactions, ACID etc. I answered some of his questions wrong but surprisingly, he helped me get to the correct answer. This interview took almost 20 minutes and then after 5 minutes, I was called for another round.

Round 3 Technical2 / Managerial Round
In this round, I was asked some questions from the skillsets that I had mentioned. They asked me the level of proficiency I have in them and how long have I worked on them. They asked me my favorite skills and how will I perform if given a chance in the same or if not given, how would I react. If the technology given to me is totally new to me, how would I learn it? If I get another job offer with a higher package, what will I do? Why ADP? What do I know about ADP? This interview lasted almost 15 minutes and then they asked me to wait.

Round 4 HR Round
Soon I was called back for the final round. It was the HR round. The HR introduced himself and asked me about my family background. He asked about my experience with other companies that came to the campus. He asked my experience with the ADP procedure. He asked if there is something that can be improved? Why ADP? How much I know about the company? Which is my preferred location? Do I have any other offer with me or not? After all this, they told me to wait.

It was 5PM and till then only I had gone through all of this. Many were in their first interview round or still waiting so I cannot exactly tell how many were shortlisted during these different procedures.

Finally, at 9.30 they announced the result. They took 5 students (including me).

During this entire interview procedure, two things helped me a lot – Being confident and Show honesty. The interviewers were very much helpful and kind. They did not ask anything out of my resume or the topics which I tell them that I know. Many times they helped me get to the solutions. Do not boast about your knowledge, simply say what you know and how much you know. Tell them the level of the skillsets you have.

Prepatation tips
-A good communication skill (must have)
-Go through your projects once before appearing
-Basic programming idea (switch case, if-else, recursion, operators, functions calls, keywords)
-Different Data Structures and their basic implementation.
-OOP Concepts
-A good grasp over at least one OOP language (Java is preferred)
-Clear concepts from DBMS and queries.
-If you have mentioned any skills other than the subjects taught in the college like Cloud, Virtual Machines, Linux, Scripting, IoT, ML, etc, it is very good for you. You can skip lots of programming questions if you can convince them about your knowledge regarding these.

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