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ADP Interview Experience for Member Technical Role | On-Campus

  • Last Updated : 13 Nov, 2019

ADP visited NIT AndhraPradesh on 30th October for on campus recruitment.Its a one day recruitment process for Member technical role.

Round 1: Written test online

Round 1 is basically online written test .it consists of 3 sections.First section consists of Quantitative aptitude (more than a medium level) there are 15 questions and we need to solve them in 15 min of time.Second section consists of Logical reasoning (medium level) there are 25 questions and 25 min to solve them.Third section consists of Technical mcqs (easy to average level) many of them are C program outputs.there are 20 questions and 40 min of time(each carries 2 marks i guess!!).

I solved 5-7 questions from section 1 and 15-17 from section 2 and 18 questions from section 3.

Total 70 gave their best and 31 cleared the Round 1 and i’m one of them.

Round 2:  Technical Round

After the results announced they immediately started round 2 and it is a pure technical round.After entering into interview room he asked my resume and then asked me to introduce myself.After that he started asking me questions on my resume, he gone through each and every line of my resume and asked questions on that.And also he asked me some sql question starting with basic and he went upto medium level questions.And asked to write bubble sort program and to sort only even number but not the odd numbers.Some simple questions on data structures.And finally he asked my strengths and closed the Round 2.

Out of 31 i guess 10 cleared Round 2.And i’m one of them.

Round 3: Managerial Round

He had my resume and he gone through that for few minutes and he started asking me questions on my internship like in which company, location, guide name, Experience working with that company, challenges i faced during that interview, Work i have done there and i guess 3/4th of time was consumed by these questions and also he asked my strengths and companies i have attended, Why i was rejected or accepted, Why ADP, Why should we hire you, about my family background.

Out of 10 i guess 8 got shortlisted for next round.and i’m one of them.

Round 4:HR Round

if you cleared Round 3 you are already placed, we just need to fill our details in the form. And some questions like about my family background, strengths, My favorite company and why (i replied Which company i works for is my favorite company), If you got an offer from some other company with package more than ADP then which company will you choose(i replied they saw some talent in me and offered more package and with that talent i can increase my pay in ADP itself, trust is more important than money and ADP trusted me and i cant loose that trust), Any backlogs, any gaps in academics, Why ADP.

And finally he told me that they have an offer for me!!!!!.

Out of 8 all 8 got selected for ADP!!.its a huge moment for every one who got selected and i’m one of them.

The whole interview process was done in 1 day from morning to evening.And if you are shortlisted for next round then you will be having one more round within a few minutes there wont be any gap or delay at 10:00 Am my Round 2 started and around 12:50 Pm interview told me that i got selected.

Prepare for C mcqs, SQL(more priority), basics of data structures, oops concepts and do some research on company and try to know some of its achievements and finally some standard HR question.

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