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ADP India Interview experience | Set 1 (For Member Technical)

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  • Difficulty Level : Basic
  • Last Updated : 04 Nov, 2017
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ADP India visited our camps for member technical profile.There were 4 rounds in total and each of them was elimination round.

Round 1:

Written round -80 min

All the questions were objective and test was divided into three sections-

Aptitude – 15 questions – 15 min – 1 mark each

Logical Ability test – 25 questions – 25 min – one mark each

technical(basic data structure,DBMS and C output questions)- 20 questions – 40 min – 2 marks each.

After the first round they have shortlisted 15 students for the next round.

Round 2:(HR-30 min)

First round was HR

Basic questions-

1-How was the presentation?

2-What do you like about ADP?

3-Why ADP?

4-Family background?

5-Project discussion

6-SQL joins

7-Academic discussion

8- which location would you prefer?

After that, he told me to wait for next round.

Round 3:(Technical- 45 min)

Started with the project discussion around 20 of my project was on machine learning so he asked to explain the algorithm also.

1-What is polymorphism (both run time and compile time)?

2-He asked to write a code for adding two numbers represented by linked list?

3-difference between

and tag in HTML?

After that, he said if I have any questions and I asked two questions.

After 30 min, i was called for next round.

Round 4:(Managerial-1 hr)

It was a technical round with senior director.

He started with my project and asked to explain both the projects thoroughly.

1-Explain Binary search.

2-write function to search and element in sorted right rotated array.

3- questions on semaphore and mutex?Some real-life example where you use semaphore.

4-Why have you applied for ADP?

5-what are your expectations from the company?

6-what are your favorite subjects and why?

Also discussed one of my current project.

After that he asked If I have any questions.

then after 3 hrs result was declared and 5 students were selected.

Concentrate on the company presentation as they asked about the company also.Few questions on DBMS and SQL queries was also asked from some of my friends.

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