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Adobe Interview | Set 3

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  • Difficulty Level : Hard
  • Last Updated : 28 Apr, 2017
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Following is Adobe (Testing) experience.

1st round:
—What do u know about adobe..
—Changes u want to make in adobe reader (as i said adobe reader is my fav)
—Why testing and y not developing
—Your interest (as my fav sub was os)
—What is the difference between win 8 and win 7
—What is the diff between thread and process
—When u open a new tab in browser, the new tab is a thread or process(questions related)
—Test case for bottle
—Test case for stapler
—Program to check syntax of string

—Cut round cake into 8 equal pieces u can use knife only 3 times
—8 marbles puzzle(very famous)
—Given a crescent moon shape. Cut it into 7 parts with 2 cuts at max.

2nd round:
—Program to print last nth element of linked list in single traversal
—Program to create mirror image of binary tree
—Rope puzzle(famous)
—Difference between static and dynamic linking in terms of binary code.
—Given n people in a room. Each one shakes hands with only those people who are known to him. You have to prove that there will be at-least two people among them, having same number of shake hands.

3rd round:
—HR, normal n frank

4th round :
—25 horses puzzles(famous)
—Hour glass puzzle(famous)
—You have to assemble a computer, with minimum cost. check if it is running the boot strap program.

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