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Adobe Shecodes Product Interview Experience for Internship (2020)

  • Last Updated : 19 Aug, 2021

Round 1 (Online Test): The first round was cocubes assessment and below is the test pattern:

  • Cognitive: 30 Questions, 30 min
  • Computer Fundamental: 20 Questions, 20 min
  • Coding: 2 Questions, 20min.

The cognitive section consists of Aptitude and verbal questions. The aptitude topics were speed and distance, Compound and simple interest, etc.

You can prepare from indiabix (

The verbal topics are direct and indirect speech, voice, passage questions, tenses, and parts of speech. In computer fundamental the questions were from OS, DBMS, OOPS, and prediction of output given code snippet.

I got 2 coding questions, one was to find max of 3 numbers( and the second question was they have given 2 arrays let a[],b[] were the arrays then we need to output (a[0]*b[0]+a[1]*b[1]*….a[n]*b[n]) / (b[0]+b[1]+…+b[n]). This equation was also given in question.

The allowed languages are java, c++, and python only.

Round 2(Online Test): This was an adobe assessment and the test pattern is shown below:

  • Cognitive: 20 Questions, 20 min
  • Computer Fundamental: 20 Questions, 20 min
  • Coding: 2 Questions, 45min.
  • Gamified Assessment: 3 Tasks, 23min

This time in cognitive they mostly gave math type questions rather than aptitude and reasoning. Verbal questions, Computer fundamentals were also asked, and they are same as in 1st round.

The two coding questions were:

  1. The Largest sum contiguous subarray.
  2. Sum of prime factors of a number.

The gamified section consists of few games to play, and we need to complete the task as fast as possible. In given time we can solve as many questions as possible.

The 3rd round was technical interview, it was not yet completed for me. Will update the post after my interview was done.

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