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Adobe Shecodes Interview Experience for Internship | Online Assessment 2020

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Adobe Shecodes is an initiative by Adobe to provide internship and FTE SDE (Full-time Software Development Engineer) to women in technology in order to promote diversity in this field. 

The online assessment round had four sections:

  1. Cognitive Assessment
  2. Technical Assessment
  3. Coding Assessment
  4. Gamified Assessment

Cognitive Assessment (20 questions – 20 minutes): It had two sections English (10 questions) and Numerical Ability (10 questions). The English section had paragraph based questions. The Numerical Ability had mathematical questions on topics like trigonometry, geometry, etc.

Technical Assessment (20 questions – 20 minutes): This section had questions on topics like data structures and algorithms, computer fundamentals, object-oriented programming, and SQL.

Coding Assessment (2 questions – 60 minutes):

  • To count the number of words in a sentence. This can be done using stringstream in C++ or using a split() function in Python or Java.
  • The number of ways to reach the nth step if you can take at most m steps at a time. This is an extended version of the question here.

Gamified Assessment (3 tasks – 23 minutes): This section had game-based questions that had to be done according to the given instructions. The goal was to reach the highest level possible in the given time.

Result: Selected for Interview

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Last Updated : 08 Jan, 2021
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