Adobe Research Internship Interview Experience

Online Test Experience:
Platform: HackerRank.
(No negative marking)

There were 15 MCQs based on probability, eigen values and eigen vectors, and basic data structures and algorithms.
1 coding question : Given numbers l, r and n, find the number of ways to construct an array of size n, where each element of array is from l to r and every element from 2nd to last is coprime with the 1st element. 0<=l<=r<=10e5, 1<=n<=100.
1 binary search question (only explain approach, not code).
1 essay type question (approx. 200 words) : Give an example where technology can improve your daily life.

Interview Round: It was a Telephonic/skype interview.They send a google doc link and asked me to write everything on it.

1: Given a traffic light which has only 2 types of light, green and red. It is given that Green light is ON for 15 secs Red light is ON for 45 secs, then what will be the expected waiting time. Ample of time was given and they helped me where I stuck.
2:- Find the median of running stream of numbers.

Then he asked about my projects.He asked the difference between Deep Learning and traditional Machine Learning approaches and where to use which.

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