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Adobe Presenter

  • Difficulty Level : Hard
  • Last Updated : 30 Jun, 2021
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Microsoft PowerPoint is a powerful tool used by professionals in the industry to discuss important topics with a group of people in a professional well-structured manner in the form of a set of slides called powerpoint or ppt.   

Adobe Presenter is a plugin to Microsoft PowerPoint that allows non-technical users to convert a set of PowerPoint slides into e-learning content. It does that by allowing the user to record some narration over those slides. Capture or import videos over those files and also provide the option to add a quiz to check the understanding of the user going through the content. Then after being done we can publish those files by clicking the publish button. Publish allows us to save the content in the form of a pad, or we save the content on the drive or upload it to the internet to be accessed online.

A few keynotes before proceeding towards learning to use the features of Adobe Presenter.

  • We must have Adobe presenter already installed before proceeding towards using its features. 
  • Before using Adobe Presenter, we must create the slides and add any animations. 

Let go through the step-by-step process of the use of adobe presenter:

Adding Audio to Slides

Adding audio files makes the slides more interactive and enhances the credibility of the content for the learners using the content to learn and understand. 

Adding Audio Files

In order to add audio files one should follow the following steps:

Step 1: In the PowerPoint Home Screen, Click on Adobe Presenter Tab to access its features.

Step 2: Go to the Audio group section as shown below, and click on the Import button, to import audio in the file and maybe doing some limited editing if needed.

Editing the Existing Audio File

After following the first two steps from the section before, now after adding the audio file, in order to edit the audio such as removing the unwanted section from the audio clip and alter the volume, etc. It can be performed by following the below steps:

Step 1: In the Audio group, click on the Edit button. A pop window appears named Edit Audio.

Some simple editing that can be performed are as follows:

Add a pause

In order to add a pause, click on the place in the audio file where you want to add a pause and then click on the Insert Silence button.

Cut a piece of file

Sometimes the audio files are not synchronous with slide animations. In order to fix it, we can use the Adobe Presenter Sync feature. Here are steps to implement it:

Step 1: Select the Sync button present in the audio group of the Adobe Presenter Tab. Then a pop-up Sync audio dialog box appears. In it, the user can start synchronizing by changing the timing button.

Step 2: While synchronizing and listening to the audio for testing click the next slide button to go to the next slide.

Step 3: Click the Stop button when you are satisfied with the settings and then choose to Save if you want to save your changes to the audio file otherwise choose to discard and exit the popup box,

Adding Video to Slides

Integrating a video to the presentation or recording a video while explaining a presentation, the adobe presenter comes in handy to helps us add these features to our presentation.

Recording a Video

Click on the record button in the video section of the adobe presenter tab, to record a video while you are narrating the presentation.

Importing a Video

Click on the video button in the insert section of the adobe presenter tab, Then browse to find the video.

In the next step, we have to select the slide in which the video is to be imported, or we can fix it on the sidebar.

Creating and Adding Quizzes and Surveys

In order to make the presentation session more interactive, one can introduce quizzes and surveys to engage the active participation of the viewers. It can be done in several steps as illustrated below:

Step 1: Click the Manage button in the quiz tab to access Quiz Manager.

Step 2: Click on Add Quiz button to add a new question and then choose the desired type of question you want to create. Enter all the possible details of the question and answers based on the question type and then click OK. A new slide will be created for all the questions.

Step 3: In the Slide Manager change advance by User Option to Yes.

Publishing the Presentation

Once all the changes are made to the presentation, we need to publish it by clicking on the publish button in the presentation section and save the presentation to the desired location.

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