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Adobe Interview | Set 8 (Off-Campus)
  • Difficulty Level : Medium
  • Last Updated : 22 May, 2019

Experience : 8 months

First Round :
Held on interview street .Aptitude + technical (standard pattern and questions)

Second Round (f2f):
Started of with the discussion of trees. Like what is a tree/BST ?

Implement insertion in tree (Java).

Discussion on projects.

Search time complexity in BST/ ternary tree.

Link List v/s BST

Third Round (f2f):
Implement a generic binary search algorithm i.e. the input array may contain int, double or structure values.

How does strtok() works. How can you make it thread safe.

Given an array, find number of pairs which equal to a given sum.

Question on singleton pattern.

Fourth Round(f2f) :
A building has n steps. Aperson can take 1,2 or 3 steps. In how many ways can a person reach top of building.

General discussion on cache.

You have a stream of incoming integers. How will you store these numbers and implement following functions : GiveMax(), GiveSecond Max(), Delete Max(), DeleteSecondMax (), Add , Remove an element.

I couldn’t make it beyond this round.However, this was my interview experience.

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