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Adobe Interview | Set 16 (For MTS-1)

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  • Difficulty Level : Medium
  • Last Updated : 23 May, 2019
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Recently I got the opportunity to be interviewed for the position of MTS-1 at Adobe. Here is my Interview Experience:

  • Written Round:
    Part A (50 mins):
    45 questions based on logical reasoning, DI, quant and geometry. The questions were easy but the real issue was time in this round.

    Part B(2 hrs):
    13 MCQs on C,C++ basics (referencing and de-referencing of string pointers, size of union etc.), OS basics

    Coding Questions were:-

    1. Reverse a linked list.
    2. Check if a number is a Palindrome or not.
    3. Multiply two numbers without using * operator and using minimum number of additions.
    4. Balancing of parenthesis.
    5. Find the row with maximum ones in a 2D array wherein each row all 1s occur before all 0s
    6. Check if a given sum is available in an array.

    I think it is same from last 3 years and also same for Post Member of technical staff

  • F2F Round 1:
    1. About my projects. Simple Questions.
    2. How a program compiler and run. He wanted an answer from scratch.
    3. C++ Questions for what is cout, Object orientation.
    4. Design a ladder and Snake Problem with TWO Player and Code it. I did not have played earlier. 🙁
    5. Code for Directory Structure.
  • F2F Round 2:
    1. Discussion on Projects. A person can have 1 step, 2 step, or 3 steps. How much combination he can have to climb on a ladder of n and code.
    2. Min, push, pop in Stack.
    3. C++ Question. VIRTUAL CONSTRUCTOR, virtual destructor significance. Design Pattern related Questions.
  • F2F Round 3:
    1. Basic Projects into.
    2. In array only 1 element is unique rest are 2 times. How to find that? He further extend if one unique and rest are multiple of 3.
    3. Design rat Maze Problem.
    4. Loop in a list and how to find out. I said it is a standard question and answer. he asked me. Okk, now tell me why are you increasing fast pointer by 2 only. find the value that should be best match for this.
    5. Sum of two elements in an Array. Code it.
    6. Random Pointer in Linked list. Clone it.
  • F2F Round 4: with VP :(:(
    1. A lot of questions about my college. So please be prepared for that too. :P:P:P
    2. He showed me my resume and pointed out grammatical mistakes. Project Questions. He asked me every question with deep. What everything mean to regarding project knowledge.
    3. Asked my computer science topic which I proud of. By Mistake I said MAPREDUCE. :(:(:(. I gave him everything by myself.
      He asked me to tell what is it. I explained. He was like you understand that but being a IIT product you should know some mathematical form, and should explain in terms of that.

    4. Write code for inverted index for MapReduce. Mapper and Reducer Functions.
    5. Page-Rank Algorithm, a lot of discussions, asked me to code it. After making a lot of mistakes I was successful with his help. He asked me why after running page rank algo, why page rank stabilizes after the 7-8 turn. (After running page rank algo, page rank of each page become nearly constant, no big change. Why it happens.)
    6. My project, after explaining everything he asked me for mathematical terms, I explained him.

This was the best interview, I have ever had. I learned a lot.

Fourth Round : HR Round (30 Minutes)
It was scheduled next to next day.

Thanks Geeksforgeeks.

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